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The Fear of Guns Introduced by A New Wave of Massive Death Tolls Causes Panic In Our Government

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Should we blame guns or should we blame mentality? Luka Coza/for Lincoln Lion Tales

It was a spring night and I was sleeping with my window open, which was right above my bed; I loved breathing in the fresh air. That night, in that open window, I heard the banging of a ladder, and by the time my mother made it into the room and began loading her gun, a man was about to climb in.” Recently, Gun Control has been at its peak creating war between our own government and our fellow citizens. But how should we approach this?

“Keeping guns away from dangerous people and people with mental issues is what we need to do,” said Rick Scott. Many mass shootings such as the Parkland shooting in Florida, as well as the Vegas shooting have supported this global debate either for or against gun laws. But why should Gun Laws be changed? Is it because of fear for the lives of our loved ones? Or should we be more aware of other issues?

Gun control has became a controversial topic in the federal government and what to do about it every house is split. President Trump issued a statement of his idea to decrease the percentages of school shooters ”Armed Educators (and trusted people who work within a school) love our students and will protect them. Very smart people. Must be firearms adept & have annual training. Should get yearly bonus. Shootings will not happen again – a big & very inexpensive deterrent. Up to States.” Trump plans on trying to pass a bill or executive order on putting teachers through gun handling. The new republic states how the supreme court has been lackluster on gun control and has dismissed many cases before the Florida school shooting “Since this sea change, however, the Supreme Court hasn’t taken up another major Second Amendment case. It hasn’t been for a lack of opportunities, either: The court has eschewed cases on issues ranging from trigger locks to age restrictions for purchases. In 2015, the justices turned down a challenge to a Chicago suburbs assault-weapons ban. (The court never weighed in on the federal assault-weapons ban, which lapsed in 2004.) In 2017, they also declined to review California’s stringent thresholds on applications for a concealed-weapons license. All of the restrictions at hand had been approved by lower courts.”While supreme court is stagnant in a decision congress is splitting apart on this issue, with no clear side.  “But governors who gathered in Washington for their annual winter meeting warned of the perils of inaction. Animated by a wave of polling since the Florida massacre, Democratic governors warned that candidates would pay a political price for opposing new gun regulations, and some of their Republican counterparts conceded that the pleas of voters could no longer be ignored as they increasingly abandon the party.”

“We don’t want to be a part of this story any longer,” Stack told NBC News in an interview. “We were so disturbed and saddened by what happened down there and watching those kids be so brave to walk out of that school and start to organized for gun reform… if they can be that brave then we can be that brave too.” (NBC News)  After StoneMan Douglas the CEO of dick sporting goods and the CEO took gun control to notice. The CEO of Dicks Sporting Goods banned Assult style weapons from their company. By doing this they are hoping to decrease the shooting in America . As for walmart they are increasing the age you have to be to purchase a weapon. After the park land shooting there has been many protest about gun control. Students from Stone Man Douglas were right on the case for gun control. As seen on CNN students from StoneMan Douglas talked about gun control before and after the shootings. Many were very upset and feel that there has to be a change.

There has been around 450 shootings in the U.S. in 2018 alone, as a U.S. citizen does this concern you? Many victims have spoken about their experiences and how the US Government has to change this from occurring, “Eighty-seven people lost their parents, $22 million is not enough money to take care of them when you take out the earning potential of the rest of their lives. There’s just not enough money in that fund and we need to figure out a solution.” many were furious that the victims received money from the government after the incident instead of trying to pass a law to . Not to mention, a Parkland High School shooting victim said, “I want to show these people exactly what’s going on when these children are facing bullets flying through classrooms and students are dying trying to get an education,” he said “That’s not OK, and that’s not acceptable and we need to fix that.” Furthermore, Christine Caria, a Las Vegas shooting victim, remembers the night stating “I believe that anywhere I go something horrendously catastrophic like that can happen,” showing that the night has affected her future, has conceived fear like the other victims.

The debate between Gun Control and Self Control continues between our government and those who fight against it. “It’s too early to read the tea leaves in DC, but we know the public wants action,” John Feinblatt. With the large number of supporters on either side, it would not take long for congress to be pressured into gun laws.


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The Fear of Guns Introduced by A New Wave of Massive Death Tolls Causes Panic In Our Government