OPINION: Lincoln Student Journalists Value a #FreePress


Lincoln Lion Tales is not the enemy of the United States. (Adrian Uribe / Lincoln Lion Tales)

Today, the Boston Globe called on all newspapers to respond to the importance of a Free Press. Lincoln Lion Tales had all their journalists write one sentence that expressed their opinion on the importance of a Free Press.


This is what we have to say:

News is not the enemy of the country. People who do not respect and accept the news, are the ones who tell the lies and want to hide from the truth.

News not only shares current events with society, it dives deeper into issues and discussions that common social media is not able to cover, therefore a more reliable source of information.  

The news and journalists are not the enemy. No matter what the president thinks about the media/news, it is not the enemy. It is a way for the voices of the people in the country to be heard. It is a right that cannot just be taken away.

We (the press) are important for the journalists to create a news report for the people to understand what is going on in the world but now its being shut down from the president. Join us to spread the word all around the world?

Trump is trying to get news and press out because most of the press talks about the truth in politics or stuff trump does things wrong and on fair ways.

Without the press, it would be hard for Americans to make accurate and well informed opinions on what is going on in the world.

The press informs people about the world, they aren’t a harm since they only state what they feel is right.

My voice needs to get heard thanks to the press.

The people are the voice, don’t try to keep them quiet!

Trump has recently been painting pictures of the press that will not only destroy the self-image that the news has established, but as well as the people that they are trying to inform.

Freedom of Press, part of the rights given to us by our forefathers to speak up and inform the people. President Trump has given a bad reputation towards to Journalist which has affected the people’s trust towards Media which I believe is a necessity towards our society.