New Teacher: Mrs. Creech


Jen Creech/New english teacher

Mrs. Jen Creech recently moved to Lincoln from Pioneer and is excited for her upcoming years as an English teacher.

She was born and raised in Massachusetts and moved to San Jose 13 years ago for an opportunity in an organization named Teach For America; leading her to Gilroy for her first teaching job as a kindergarten teacher.

She attended the University of Massachusetts with an undergraduate in English and Service learning, later continuing her education at San Jose State with a masters degree in creative writing.

Like most English teachers, Mrs. Creech “loved college” and “studied a lot” and described herself as a “bookworm.”

In her free time she enjoys to read and to go on hikes as well as watching her husband coach ultimate frisbee at a nearby high school.

She loves teaching, calling it “the most fun I’ve ever had.” Her favorite memory as a teacher happens quite often — she enjoys hearing from past graduates and knowing where they are now in life.

Mrs. Creech believes the major difference between Lincoln and Pioneer is that Lincoln is known for Performing Arts while Pioneer is focused on Service-Learning.

Mrs. Creech dreams of exploring Spain with her husband and his outstanding cooking skills. 

“Use this time,” Mrs. Creech said of student’s years in high school, “to figure out what you love doing, try different clubs, try different sports, sign up for stuff, [and] talk to your teachers.”