Teacher of the Year 2018-2019 School Year


Mr. Oshiro and Ms. Reid accepting their teacher of the year award. (Anastasia Cervantes/Lincoln Lion Tales)

Tuesday May 7th, 2019. The two teachers that won the award were Ms. Nancy Reid and Mr. David Oshiro.

Lincoln Lion Tales asked Ms. Reid and Mr. Oshiro what their first thoughts were when they found out that they had won the “Teacher Of The Year” award. Ms.Reid explained her first thoughts as, “I was excited, happy in and out, it was one of the happiest days of my teaching career.” Then Mr.Oshiro replied with, “I wasn’t expecting it because there are so many good teachers at Lincoln that anybody could have won it, but I’m super surprised.”

Mr.Oshiro didn’t think he’d win an award because he knows how many other hard working teachers there is at Lincoln but still appreciates having the opportunity to win an award.

Ms.Reid thinks that there are many teachers that deserve an award. The teacher that she had in her past inspire her to work at her best  just like them. She explained her past teachers as, “they were like the best teachers that I could’ve ever had to help me be who I am.”She described how that day was the of the happiest day in her teaching career and to be acknowledged by the foundation and the people that she works with and who she teaches.

Reid said she feels amazing and wants to be a good role model to her students. She wants to pass the legacy of what she received down to her students so they could feel accomplished as well. Ms.Reid said “I want to make sure the students I teach take the lead.”

Both of the teachers already knew where they wanted the money to go to.

Oshiro responded, “I live in an apartment right now and we’re trying to get a house, so we’re probably going to put most of it in our savings.” He also said he wanted to get more whiteboards for his classroom, as well as take his wife out to a nice restaurant or vacation to give her more attention. “What I would do with this money is to either treat my family with a mini vacation or buy some new furniture to make my family more comfortable in order for us to watch shows and movies together because that’s our favorite pastime”, replied Reid.
Lion Tales what’s congratulation both of them.