Lincoln High School Welcomes New English Teacher Ms. Arora


Stuti Arora, new to Lincoln in the 2019 school year, poses in her English classroom during lunch September 13, 2019. (Isaiah Sedano / Lincoln Lion Tales)

Lincoln High School welcomes new English teacher Ms. Arora! This is Ms. Arora’s first time teaching ever, but has had experience in teaching because she was a student teacher at a middle school. Ms. Arora attend UC Santa Barbara then attended UC Santa Cruz. On her free time, Ms. Arora likes to watch movies, read, and hang out with friends. Ms. Arora grew up in Cupertino, a neighbor of San Jose. 


Lincoln Lion Tales asked Ms. Arora, what were your thoughts/feelings coming to Abraham Lincoln High School. She said “I really liked the paint job and everything looked nice.” Lincoln Lion Tales also asked Ms. Arora, do you feel scared coming to Lincoln new and also is there going to be and pressure towards teaching in the future. Ms. Arora said, “I feel pressure all the time, I’m always super nervous.”


The strategies Ms. Arora uses to help her teach are warm-ups everyday, she also models what the text is trying to say. Ms. Arora is always available for help when needed. After interviewing Ms. Arora, Lincoln Lion Tales has to say that Ms. Arora is very friendly and a hardworking teacher who loves her job. So stop by to room 114 in the main building to meet and say hi to our new English teacher Ms. Arora. Last question of the interview, Lincoln Lion Tales asked Ms. Arora what advice would you give a new teacher coming to Lincoln, Ms. Arora said, “Just enjoy it and appreciate the good things.”