Opinion: Is Donald Trump’s Impeachment Seen Abroad Great News?

Donald Trump’s trial is supposed to be held soon. After his impeachment passed in the House of Representatives on December 18, everyone is waiting to see if he’s going to be removed from office! Americans are not the only ones to wonder, I have asked people from my home country, Belgium, their thoughts about Donald Trump’s Impeachment.


Collage of Donald Trump and the flag of Belgium next to the one of the United States. (Tabatha Menten/Lincoln Lion Tales)

A quick summary

If you don’t remember why Donald Trump has been impeached, here’s an easy summary! Two months ago, Donald Trump has been accused of digging up damaging information on one of his Democrat challenger and his son, thanks to the President of Ukraine. He had also withholds $400m of military aid to Ukraine and a meeting with the president of Ukraine in the White house. 

Democrats accused President Trump of abusing his power, using  the office for a personal bargain in the detriment of the nation, and obstructing Congress by refusing to cooperate.  

After that, the process began. Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives on December 18. The final step for his potential remove is a trial in the Senate. 

Belgian Thoughts 

I have asked a couple of questions by social media (Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook). 

The results are the following:

77,78% were not surprised when Donald Trump get elected in 2016. Jules Hucorne, a student in Belgium said:“I wasn’t surprised. Donald Trump did a big campaign!”;

Some of them were disappointed, worried or sad by this result;

44,44% thinks he got elected because of the immigration presents in the United States;

22,22% thinks it’s because of the fact that Americans wanted change in their presidency;

Cedric Bruwier, a Belgian worker thinks that his election was logic even if he was surprised at first;

88,89% find out about his impeachment in the social media. 11,11% find out in the press. 

If Donald Trump is not removed from office, 55,56% think he is going to be re-elected in 2020. Maurice Van Daele a Belgian student said: “The Democrats are not as strong as the Republicans. That’s why I think that Donald Trump or another Republican candidate will be elected this year.”

 Finally, here’s a graph that responded to the question:“Do you think Donald Trump is going to be removed from office?” We can observe that a lot of Belgians think he will not. Emilie Gantois, a Belgian student thinks he’s going to be removed:“For me, he is going to be removed! It’s obvious he did something he shouldn’t have done.

Chart Pie: “Is Donald Trump going to be removed from office?” Based on the response of Belgian citizens interrogated via Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. (Tabatha Menten/Lincoln Lion Tales)

My Thoughts

When Donald Trump has been elected, I was really surprised and a kind of scared. I remember telling to my dad: “It is impossible, isn’t it?” The others students in my school were like me, wondering why did Donald Trump win the election. That’s why I was pretty happy when I found out about his impeachment. Finally, something “fair” was happening. Even, if I believe he is not going to be removed from office, I think it was great to remember him he can’t do whatever he wants. I know that a lot of my friends, members of my family share the same opinion than me: Donald Trump Impeachment seen abroad is great news.