“Little Shop of Horrors” delights in the Lincoln Black Box Theatre

Students bring to life the classic musical.


Junior Jillian Analla

Cast of “Little Shop of Horrors”

The performance of “Little Shop of Horrors” at Abraham Lincoln High School was filled with lots of humor, amazing dances, and a wonderful cast that gave everyone a night to remember. With only five weeks to prepare, the cast practiced for long hours almost every night in order to get everything ready for the show. When the time finally came on October 13th, opening night was a success!

Senior Caden Seevers and Audrey II (Jillian Analla)

Set in New York City, “Little Shop of Horrors” takes place in a neighborhood referred to as “Skid Row.” Seymour and his co-worker, Audrey, work at Mrs. Mushnik’s Flower Shop, where business has been lacking. It isn’t until Seymour happens upon a mysterious plant and sets it in the window of their shop that customers begin to flow in, and they begin on a trail to success. Things are going well until Seymour realizes that his plant- named Audrey II- feeds on blood.

Seniors Sophie Martinez and Caden Seevers portraying Audrey and Seymour. (Levi Balbuena)

Watching the plot progress was very entertaining. Every song was performed with an energy that had the crowd engaged, and there was loud applause after every one. The actors were remarkable and very well casted. Senior Sophie Martinez and Senior Caden Seevers displayed stunning vocals as they played Audrey and Seymour. Junior Nate McCanna, casted as the sadistic dentist and boyfriend to Audrey, had people bending over in laughter with his performance. Junior Samara Hernandez as Mrs. Mushnik and the three Greek chorus girls, Senior Kore Malate, Senior Vinny Contini, and Junior Jillian Analla, had stunning scenes that gave the show an interesting personality. From background characters to main characters, each of the actors brought something enjoyable to the stage.  

Senior Nate McAnna playing the sadistic dentist, Orin Scrivello. (Levi Balbuena)

To prevent any possible spread of COVID-19, there were new precautions put in place for both the cast and the crowd. The audience was asked to leave during intermission and step outside, which would in turn reduce the amount of people and leave the room to air out. The cast also wore clear masks as they sang, which made their performances even more impressive, due to their microphones and mouths being behind a mask the entire time.

It was also thanks to all the people behind the scenes that everything was a success and such a memorable show. Parts of the music throughout “Little Shop of Horrors” were played by members of the band here at Abraham Lincoln High School, and the efforts towards wardrobe and props were well spent. The stage was filled with immaculate color and lighting, captivating everyone who went to watch. It was an overall amazing experience, so make sure to come support the drama department at the Halloween Mega Concert on October 29th!