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Cover art for Bad Bunny's newest album (Gio Quezadas/ Lion Tales)


Gio Quezadas, Journalist March 6, 2020

★★★★★ Bad Bunny Baby! The Puerto Rican rapper announced via Instagram on Friday morning that he would be releasing his new album, Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana, or YHLQMDLG as it appears on the...

Dodger Stadium [Gio Quezadas/ Lion Tales]

Baseball is Back!

Gio Quezadas, Journalist February 28, 2020

With the NFL in the rear view mirror, it’s time for the MLB to take the spotlight. Baseball season is back! Spring Training is in full swing with the Cactus League in Arizona, and the Grapefruit League...

Lunar New Year piece by Nena Chand for the Lunar Art Hop (Sofia Arredondo/ Lincoln Lion Tales)

Lunar Art Show

Anjanai Vallez, Editor/Reporter February 27, 2020

From January 23rd to the beginning of March, Lincoln artists from Ms. Zamora’s and Ms. Arredondo’s classes participated in an art show called Lunar Art Hop. Student artwork was displayed and sold at...

(Gio Quezadas/Lion Tales)

Girl Scout Cookies are Back

Gio Quezadas, Journalist February 14, 2020

Girl scout cookies are back! Find your nearest Girl Scout and purchase some cookies. They will stop selling cookies around mid March. So go get yourself some Thin Mints, Samoas, Trefoils, etc. before it’s...

Senior Checklist For Graduation

Senior Checklist For Graduation

Kevin Gonzalez, Reporter February 12, 2020

Hey Seniors! For those of you who don’t know, graduation is right around the corner with the official date being Wednesday June 3rd, 2020. But in order to be able to walk the stage, make sure you have...

What is Corona disease?

Natalie Sierra, Journalist February 7, 2020

The name corona originates from the Latin word means a crown, because, from an electron microscope, the image of the virus appears like a solar corona. As of now, there are six different types of coronavirus....

Have you heard about the new virus in the town?

Have you heard about the new virus in the town?

Tania Cortes, Reporter February 7, 2020

Wuhan, a city that is located in the middle of China is known to have a population of 11 million people. There was a recent disease detected called Coronavirus, which was reported official to the World...

Carter Fein walking inside the court room. Located at Santa Clara County Superior Court (Angela Chan).

Eyewitness Report: Lincoln Mock Trial Competitions

February 7, 2020

"AM JUST SYS" is what it says on my transcript, it's a seventh period class offered at Abraham Lincoln High School but to me it's known as Mock Trial. Mock Trial is a team that stimulates court trials,...

Teen Mental Health

Teen Mental Health

Antonia Madrid and Mason Fenster February 7, 2020

Teen depression and anxiety is a common mental challenge within teens throughout the U.S. Many people think depression is just a temporary state of mind, but it’s much more than that. Having depression...

Impeachment: Why does it matter and how does it affect Lincoln high School Students?

Impeachment: Why does it matter and how does it affect Lincoln high School Students?

At Lincoln high school, the impeachment trial doesn’t sound as important as it is. Regarding its major importance within our nation’s government, teenagers tend to not be involved with politics...

Why are minorities isolated? (Andrew Martinez)

Attitudes Against Minorities in the School System

School is a place where people come to get educated. School should be a place where all kids of all ages are welcomed and respected. School should not have certain groups of kids being constantly bullied...

Impeachment: Lincoln's Thoughts on the Trial

Impeachment: Lincoln’s Thoughts on the Trial

Trump’s Impeachment has been at the forefront of political news. The real question is how does that affect our campus. After asking a couple of students here at Lincoln it became apparent that those...

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