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Logo of the Lincoln High School Foundation (Tabatha  Menten/Lincoln Lion Tales)

What is The Lincoln High School Foundation?

Today’s article is about a Foundation that helps our school a lot with financial support. I have asked a few questions to Paul Kanter, one of the directors in Lincoln High School Foundation.
Tabatha Menten, Journalist November 7, 2019

Paul Kanter describes the Foundation as an independent, non profit organization. The Lincoln Foundation is dedicated in its financial support of our school. “The Foundation was founded in 1991” said...

Math Club poster with hilarious caption. Poster was made to promote the club. Poster was made by Jaron Zamora.

Math Club! The Only Club That Counts

Andrea Saldana, Journalist November 4, 2019

Lincoln High School has the perfect place to get all your math homework done and even get help with those annoying formulas and algorithms. Every Wednesday and Thursday after school, Math Club is hosted...

The location of the Youth Led by Christ Club takes place during lunch every Thursday in room 204 in the  main building. (Tania Cortes/Lion Tales)

Club Profile: Lincoln’s Youth Led by Christ

Kevin Gonzalez and Tania Cortes November 1, 2019

Lincoln's Youth Led by Christ club meets every Thursday at lunch upstairs in the main building in room 204. There, the club's leaders greet the new and old club-goers with pizza and a new lesson plan for...

All 11 piece of newspaper that we received. (Edgar Uribe/ Lincoln Lion Tales)

Mystery Solved! How Did Lion Tales Get Its Name?

Edgar Uribe , Reporter November 1, 2019

During the summer of 2019, Lion Tales received 6 articles ranging from several years back. Some articles range back to 1942, the year Lincoln High School was established. These articles were sent to us...

Picture taken at Great America during its Halloween Haunt event. (Gio Quezadas/ LIon Tales)

Great American Scare

Gio Quezadas, Journalist October 31, 2019

Great America’s Halloween Haunt was the center of scare this weekend. Not only from the people working there, but from a shooting scare.  At around 10:30 pm on Saturday 26th, everybody at Great America...

Ms. Doan's sidewall in her classroom with her picture on it. (Natalie Sierra/Lion Tales)

Math Teacher Leaves, But Why?

Laiyla Santillan , Journalist October 30, 2019

On September 27, 2019, approximately 150 Lincoln students and their families were informed that their schedules would be changed due to the new math teacher, Ms. Doan, who suddenly left the Lincoln administration....

Pay Day for Collegiate Athletes

Pay Day for Collegiate Athletes

Gio Quezadas, Journalist October 27, 2019

Earlier this month, Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Fair Pay to Play Act. The act will allow college students in California to sign endorsement deals with sports companies. It will go into effect on January...



Laiyla Santillan, Journalist October 26, 2019

Two of Lincoln’s very own young artists will be taking part in a global mural and arts festival known as: “POW! WOW!” Each year, 10-30 artists are chosen to paint a mural in their city and this year...

Karyn Sinunu-Towery, President of the San Jose Rotary Club (Tabatha Menten/Lincoln Lion Tales)

Profile: Downtown San Jose Rotary President Interview

As you remember, I’m an exchange student from Belgium. To make this exchange year possible, I needed an association which is the Rotary. I have had the chance to interview the president of the San Jose Rotary Club, Karyn Sinunu-Towery, who is going to give us some explanations about herself, her career and the Rotary.
Tabatha Menten, Journalist October 21, 2019

Who is she?  Karyn Sinunu-Towery is a retired prosecutor. Now, she volunteers at the Nothern California Innocence Project (the organization revisits previous convictions of individuals who are believed...

The Vaping Epidemic: Fruit-Flavored and Fatal

The Vaping Epidemic: Fruit-Flavored and Fatal

N.K. Chand, A.K Chan, Kalena Peña, , and October 15, 2019

Vaping is killing people.  The same vaping epidemic that is causing deaths all across the U.S. is spreading into the lives of Lincoln High School students. Lincoln Lion Tales, disturbed with this information,...

Wildfire Witness: A Fire in Maui?

Wildfire Witness: A Fire in Maui?

Mason Fenster, Journalist October 15, 2019

Vacations are always unforgettable experiences. Sometimes, not everything goes as planned. Over the October break, my friend Liam Manning and I visited Maui with our families. I was coming back from a...

Climate Change Strike 2019: Fighting For Our Future

Ariana Noble and Anjanai Vallez October 10, 2019

On September 20th, hundreds of high school students and adults came to support something they believe in: Climate Change. Greta Thunberg, a teenager from Sweden, organized worldwide strikes, hoping...

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