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Melissa Blasquez
Melissa Blasquez is a senior at Abraham Lincoln High School. She was born in the Bay Area, moving several times as a child. Her hobbies include reading, writing, listening to and also making music. Her number one goal at the moment is to graduate high school with a high gpa, and getting accepted to a good college. Melissa is taking journalism to help her with her writing skills, since one of her dream careers is to be a writer. She writes short stories every so often and hopes that journalism will improve her ability to write realistic fiction stories in the future.
However, she is excited to also learn how to put together a newspaper, and learn the different aspects of making one. Melissa is interested in both photographing, video reporting, and writing for Lincoln Tales. She hopes that the experience from journalism will help her get a better understanding of what she wants to major in in college and what to pursue as a career.

Melissa Blasquez, Reporter

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