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A.K Chan
A.K Chan is a human being that loves intriguing ideas and whimsical theories. She enjoys long walks on the pavement. She also appreciates a wide variety of music from Buena Social Club to Music Soulchild. In her free time she likes to rap and occasionally freestyle. During school she participates in Mock Trial, Key Club, and Asian American Club. Angela is an honest enthusiastic student that loves spending time in nature with light jazz music. She adores her best friend N.K Chand a fellow writer and adventurer. She is often found taking naps, creating intricate doodles, and appreciating silence

A.K Chan, Journalist

Mar 20, 2020
OP/ED: Why Doesn’t Lincoln Recycle? (Story)
Oct 24, 2019
Losing Bucks to Textbooks (Story)
Oct 15, 2019
The Vaping Epidemic: Fruit-Flavored and Fatal (Story)
Aug 30, 2019
OP/ED: Why Can’t You Take a Breather? (Story)
Bilingual Student Newspaper of Abraham Lincoln High School, San Jose California.
A.K Chan