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N.K. Chand
N.K. Chand was born and raised in San Jose, CA. She is a senior at Lincoln High School. She has two pit-bulls, Nala and Patron, and a cat, Toro. She has a life-long passion for writing, spending most of her time creating short stories and poetry. She is currently a semi-finalist in Eber & Wein’s poetry contest of 2019, a nominee for their Best Poet of 2019 award, and soon will be published in their hardcopy magazine. When she isn’t writing, watching movies, or having picnics at the beach, she spends time with her best friend, A.K. Chan, who is an incredibly large and lovely part of her life. Chand’s taste and love for music is extensive and she’s most knowledgeable in 70s and 80s rock (The Police, T. Rex, Fleetwood Mac). Though she hopes to teach english, she is looking forward to journalism, academically and recreationally. Her focus is to provide the truth in its most transparent, comprehensive, and genuine form.

N.K. Chand, Journalist

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Bilingual Student Newspaper of Abraham Lincoln High School, San Jose California.
N.K. Chand