“Period. End of Story”, Movie Showing, Hosted By Lean In


Ariana Noble

Ms. Kolling, leader of Lean In Feminist Club, holding upping box, part of “Pink Box Initiative”.

On Wednesday, March 27th, Lincoln’s club Lean In hosted the award winning movie “Period. End of Sentence.” in Ms. Kollings room. Cookies were available for sale and the group members gave a short introduction to the movie. This movie won an Oscar award for top short documentary. Set in Hapur, a village in India, women hoped to change the stigma around periods. This included working every day, to machine build pads and tampons, and selling them in the streets to women.

About 20 kids attended the showing, half of the students were watching the movie and half were occupying themselves differently. Ms. Kolling expressed her thoughts and said “Think of how fortunate you are, some woman don’t even know what a period is.”

Lion Tales talked to Ava Fine about the club Lean In, named after the book by Sheryl Sandberg. She describes it as a “feminist club” and mentions their Pink Box Initiative as well as their attendance at the Women’s March in downtown San Jose.

We asked why they choose “Period. End of Sentence” to show a room full of teenagers  and she said it was a “landmark…It wasn’t exactly Oscar material, but it won.” She believes the awareness is needed in all third world countries as well as the appropriate sanitary items. Fine was overjoyed that guys showed up to watch the movie, she didn’t think that they would. This helped raise more awareness in both genders!

The club plans to show more movies and attend more activism events and wants you to join! Contact Ms. Kolling in P-108.