OP/ED: The SJUSD Coronavirus Emergency


SJUSD schools are closing for three weeks. (Kevin Gonzalez/Lincoln Lion Tales)

Today on March 13th, the Santa Clara County declared that all schools in the San Jose Unified area are closed until April 3rd. There will be no classwork/homework given and no grading shall be done throughout these next three weeks. Lincoln Principal, Matthew Hewitson, made an announcement during 4th period and has said to provide more updates as they come. While this may sound like good news to many people, it is not to many seniors. My first reaction to this news was pure shock alongside many people in my 4th period English class. Many began to celebrate while others began to worry and wonder about how it got this far. The reason I am nervous about this is due to the fact that I work at a movie theater and know that this will affect us a lot due to the worry of many people.

But while there is bad news among all of this, a little good came out of it also. President, Donald J. Trump, announced a national emergency today and is working with FEMA to provide Coronavirus testing in parking lots outside of many of the big shopping places/medical pharmacies including places like Walmart, Target, CVS Pharmacy, Costco, and many others. Fellow Reporter, Edgar Uribe, went to interview Mr. Hewitson asking if graduation dates were to be postponed, but was unable to get a response. My advice for everyone is to keep clean hygiene than it’s ever been by washing your hands consistently, buying hand sanitizer and/or wipes to keep clean, and to NOT share any food or drinks with anyone including family. Many people may have the virus without knowing, so be very cautious when giving someone a hug or a handshake. All of us at Lion Tales wish everyone the best and to have a fun and safe “vacation” from school.