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Heartstopper pleases audiences with positive representation

“Heartstopper” pleases audiences with positive representation

Maria Bojorge, Reporter June 1, 2022

The amount of LGBTQ+ representation in the media has been seen more and more throughout the years. Recently, Netflix came out with a series based on the 2018 graphic novel by Alice Oseman, “Heartstopper”....

Lincoln’s Spongebob Musical was not just a simple show

Lincoln’s Spongebob Musical was not just a simple show

Laia Williams, Reporter May 18, 2022

Lincoln’s production of, "The SpongeBob Musical" was absolutely spectacular! After three months of rehearsals and preparation, the musical was finally shown off Thursday, March 24. With seven performances...

The realest Batman yet

The realest Batman yet

Joy Haythorpe May 18, 2022

When theaters announced this film, I was really skeptical about it. There have been a lot of Batman movies, so how would this one be unique or different? To my surprise, the 2 hour and 56 minute movie...


Underclassmen Don’t Belong At Prom

Sarah Baker, Reporter May 18, 2022

As we near the end of the school year, dress shops are becoming crowded, proposals are popping up around the school, and prom tickets are being sold out. Prom is just around the corner, and here at Lincoln...

The Marquee outside of the Fox Theatre

Maria Bojorge, Reporter April 6, 2022

The glowing sign of the Oakland Fox Theatre was in sight as we arrived at the venue. We approached and could see the long skirts, leather jackets, and Doc Martens being worn by almost every single person...

Actress Zendaya, in the hit show, Euphoria

“Euphoria” finds fans and criticism among success

Maria Bojorge, Reporter March 25, 2022

Euphoria and its aesthetic have caught the attention of many people across the nation. The show has just wrapped up its second season and won’t come back until 2024. The show talks about heavy topics...


How woke is too woke?

Sarah Baker, Reporter March 15, 2022

When watching a TV show or reading a book, have you ever been able to connect with a character because you saw yourself in them? If you have, maybe it was because they shared the same skin color, or maybe...

People watching a movie

Theaters are back open and there is plenty to be excited about

Laiyla Santillan, Student Editor/Reporter March 15, 2022

With Disney riding high off the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home and Encanto the big question is, what’s next?  It’s hard to imagine how the entertainment company will top its 2021 films as Marvel's...

The cast of Dont Look Up.

Look up “Don’t Look Up” for a deep and funny viewing experience

Ximena Soto, Reporter March 15, 2022

The critically acclaimed movie, “Don't Look Up”, directed by Adam Mckay, is based on the horrific effect of climate change, and done so in a humorous manner. The movie featuring Oscar award winners...

Christmas in the Park

Some of our reporters decided to check out "Christmas in the Park", and rate some of the trees. Here are their results...

Book cover for Mr. Mercedes

“Mr. Mercedes” is the perfect villain

Jakob Martinez, Reporter February 11, 2022

Something that peaks a lot of people's interest is true crime, and serial killers. The novel “Mr Mercedes” is perfect for that, while being fictional, it is absolutely brilliant.    During a...

Astronaut in space

So you want to be an astronaut?

Rista White, Student Editor/Reporter February 11, 2022

As little kids we were often faced with the dreaded ¨What do you want to be when you grow up?” To please our enquirer, many of us responded with exciting occupations from the president to a soccer player...

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