NAH’s First Earth First Fest a Success


L: Table with Earth Day good, M: Mrs. Reid, R: Counselors Jennifer Mendoza, Genesis Correa, Isabel Magana

The week of Earth Day, the National Art Honors Society, held an event, the Earth First Fest, an event that will hopefully continue in the future. The featured activities included the “Slow Fashion Fashion Show”, where models wore creative outfits designed by the club members, the “Live Art” group which painted an art design, the “Garden Art” group which sold painted pots, potted plants, and tote bags, and the “Thrift Shop” pop up group who sold donated and thrifted clothes.   

The first day of the event was Wednesday, April 19. The “Garden Art” group and “The Slow Fashion” Fashion Show also presented their activities. The “Garden Art” group sold plants, pots with a variety of designs like Spiderman and Hello Kitty, tote bags, and prints to put on clothing. The “Slow Fashion” Fashion Show hosted a wonderful show and attracted a big audience. The models, both staff and students, wore outfits that were unique and creative. 

As the models walked down their catwalk, cones, and caution tape, music was played and the event announcers Junior Natalie Kenyon and Junior Daniel Gonzalez announced the materials, inspirations, and other information on the outfits. Some outfits were trash bag dresses, a mushroom outfit, and Mrs. Rueda dressed as Hot Cheetos accompanied by Mrs. Aredondo throwing Hot Cheeto bags to the roaring crowd. Also, at the center of the quad, there was a photo booth where several students and staff took pictures. 

The second and third days continued with the plant and pot selling but also included thrifted clothes items. Handmade earrings and unique clothes were displayed at the center of the quad. The third day even had a 50% off deal for several items. The items that didn’t get sold will either be donated or sold at the Saturday Farmers Market in the parking lot. 

The Earth First Fest highlighted Earth Day and showed different products that were reused. The National Art Honors Society worked exceptionally hard to make the event exciting and entertaining. Students and staff bought several handmade items which supported the club and helped donate over $100 to a forest organization. Overall, I enjoyed the event and I’m excited to see what happens in the future.