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Henry Cavill as Superman

Will the real Superman please stand up?

Celina Marroquin Ambriz, Student Writer March 26, 2024

As most of us know now, Henry Cavill was fired from his role as Superman. Given the circumstances it wasn’t fair for the studio to force him to announce his return so soon. In October of 2022 he announced...

Op/Ed: To stache or not to stache

To ‘stache or not to ‘stache

David Juffe, Writer February 22, 2023

Abraham Lincoln. Mr.T. William II. Chuck Norris. End of story. There is only one fantastical force that binds these incredible people - incredible facial hair. To some, facial hair is...

Op/Ed: Making adoption inclusive

Making adoption inclusive

Gavin Rust, Writer February 22, 2023

We’ve all heard of the musical “Annie”. A sassy, orphaned girl in New York City, who was adopted by a wealthy one-percenter, Mr. Warbucks. Unfortunately, most orphans aren't lucky enough to be...

OP/ED: Seinfeld makes a comeback.

What’s the deal with airplane peanuts?

David Juffe, Writer February 22, 2023

“Hello…Newman''. Festivus. Poison envelopes. Kramer’s hair, or his entrance. Even if you haven’t seen “Seinfeld”, there is a good chance that you’d recognize at least one...

Kit Kats vs. Skittles

Halloween Podcast: Kit Kats v. Skittles

Lizbeth Arreola, Reporter November 29, 2022

Seniors Lizbeth Arreola and Antonio Lucio took some time to sit down and talk about candy! If you didn't get enough Halloween the first time, or you just love candy, take a listen to this podcast all about...

Toxic Twitter

Twitter: A place few should go

Gavin Rust, Reporter November 29, 2022

Twitter. An absolute city on a computer.  The city of Twitter is made up of the famously verified users living in the upper class (which for a short time you could purchase for $8), the unverified...


Don’t take them for granite, crystals offer many benefits

Susana Ramirez, Reporter March 19, 2022

Recently, crystals have become really popular with young teens. Their popularity has risen mainly due to TikTok and other social media platforms, and are very popular with teen girls specifically. I personally...

Ummm, like, whatever

Ummm, like, whatever

Laiyla Santillan, Student Editor/Reporter March 15, 2022

Um, I like want to stop being interrupted.  As a teenage girl I’ve come to learn that if I pause in like, the middle of my sentence I will get interrupted, mostly by grown men.  According to...


How woke is too woke?

Sarah Baker, Reporter March 15, 2022

When watching a TV show or reading a book, have you ever been able to connect with a character because you saw yourself in them? If you have, maybe it was because they shared the same skin color, or maybe...

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports are taking over

Laia Williams, Reporter March 15, 2022

Want 18 billion dollars a year?  Maybe you should try starting a fantasy sports league. In 2015, companies reported a profit of 18.6 billion dollars for fantasy football leagues alone. That’s 6 billion...

Chaos in Kazakhstan

David Juffe, Reporter February 13, 2022

Unbeknownst to most Americans, on Monday, January 10, President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, declared victory over the rebelling citizens of Kazakhstan. While this event has little to do with the United...

Hispanic Heritage Month

Maria Bojorge, Reporter November 7, 2021

How does one fit an entire person’s culture and history and celebrate it within four weeks? America is known for being a salad bowl where we are one nation with many different cultures and elements....

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