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Hispanic Heritage Month

Maria Bojorge, Reporter November 7, 2021

How does one fit an entire person’s culture and history and celebrate it within four weeks? America is known for being a salad bowl where we are one nation with many different cultures and elements....

Lincoln students google classroom. (Ariana Noble/Lion Tales)

Pass/Fail: Credits Offer Lincoln Students Less Motivation, Little Engagement

Ariana Noble, Reporter May 22, 2020

During these confusing times of online "mandatory school", teachers are working hard to provide their students with the necessary tools to succeed at home. I say mandatory in quotes because students feel...

Teammates surprising friend on her birthday by driving by and spray painting a car, all while respecting social distancing protocols (Ariana Noble/Lion Tales)

What The Shelter In Place Has Done For Us Teenagers: 2020 COVID-19

Ariana Noble , Editor April 24, 2020

As we’ve been forced to stay inside, we’ve also been forced to get creative. Thanks to Tik-Tok stars and bored teenagers, we’ve come up with some ways to see our friends and entertain ourselves.  Sadly...

OP/ED: Why Doesnt Lincoln Recycle?

OP/ED: Why Doesn’t Lincoln Recycle?

A.K Chan March 20, 2020

In 2015, the United States generated over 262.4 million tons of garbage. Sadly, the average American throws away nearly 7 pounds of trash on a daily basis. Americans view products that they can buy as...

Reaction Towards Coronavirus Epidemic

Tania Cortes, Reporter March 13, 2020

This following March 13, 2020 my entire school was informed by our principal that the whole Santa Clara County would cancel schools for three weeks including ours with no assignments given to the students....

corona virus shuts down school for 3 weeks

Natalie Sierra, Journalist March 13, 2020

My dad is mortified he will become very sick from the corona virus. I now as well fear the sickness because everyone is freaking out. I think the world’s paranoid about how fatal the virus is. Among...

Corona Virus Reflection

Gio Quezadas, Journalist March 13, 2020

News broke out that all schools in the Santa Clara County are to be shut down beginning March 16th through April 6th. As I heard the announcement through the PA system I, as well as my other classmates...

Opinion COVID-19

Evan Forrest March 13, 2020

Today Friday the 13th the world we are scared. I feel like for the youth this is just something that will blow over, something that will not effect them at all. For the rest of the population like the...

Carnival of Binche 2020, official poster with the traditional mask wore on Tuesday morning.
(Tabatha Menten/Lincoln Lion Tales)

Carnival Of Binche: Our Belgian Tradition

Tabatha Menten, Journalist March 9, 2020

The carnival of Binche is an event that’s celebrated on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is a Christian celebration that marked the first day of Lent, six weeks of...

SAP Center, Sharks against Calgary, 02/10/2020. (Tabatha Menten/Lincoln Lion Tales)

Op/Ed: My First SHARKS Game

Tabatha Menten, Journalist February 26, 2020

The Sharks were playing at the SAP center against the Canadian team the Calgary Flames. It was my first time going to the SAP center and I was really impressed by the architecture of the building. Indeed,...

New Years Resolutions: How to Set Effective Goals

New Year’s Resolutions: How to Set Effective Goals

N.K. Chand, Journalist February 7, 2020

It’s been 38 days since the start of 2020. Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Have you kept it up? If you are like the other 80% of Americans, it’s likely that your answer to that is no, as only...

Collage of Donald Trump and the flag of Belgium next to the one of the United States. 
(Tabatha Menten/Lincoln Lion Tales)

Opinion: Is Donald Trump’s Impeachment Seen Abroad Great News?

Tabatha Menten, Journalist January 15, 2020

A quick summary If you don’t remember why Donald Trump has been impeached, here’s an easy summary! Two months ago, Donald Trump has been accused of digging up damaging information on one of his...

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