Halloween Podcast: Kit Kats v. Skittles

The battle for candy supremacy is hashed out on this Halloween podcast

Kit Kats vs. Skittles

Kit Kats vs. Skittles

Seniors Lizbeth Arreola and Antonio Lucio took some time to sit down and talk about candy! If you didn’t get enough Halloween the first time, or you just love candy, take a listen to this podcast all about Halloween candy!


L: Welcome, welcome, here you have, Antonio Lucio, and Lizbeth Arreola live from Abraham Lincoln High School. Over the past few decades the importance of Halloween candy has become irrelevant nowadays, but believe it or not teenagers still have great opinions about these Halloween treats. There are various opinions regarding the different types of candy, some candies are most people’s ultimate favorite, but others are the greatest enemy of humankind. And now we begin…

L: Antonio, what would you say the best top five Halloween candies are?

A: I believe that the top five candies would be; Twix, Almond Joy, Skittles, Gummy worms, and Crunch.

L: Personally, I’d only agree with Crunch, and Skittles, but Kit Kat is the ultimate best. I see no interest in Almond Joy, nor Twix. Gummy worms on the other hand, I simply just don’t like worms, maybe Gummy bears but no worms. HAHA, Regardless, which would you say is the ultimate best candy? And why?

A: I disagree with your take on Kit Kats. Kit Kats can be eaten in about 5-6 bites. It’s one of the fastest candies to finish. The taste is great, better than most. However, it doesn’t last long enough to take the trophy of “Ultimate best”. I think Skittles are the ultimate best candy. You can enjoy skittles by chewing them or sucking them dry. No matter what way you eat it, it always lasts way longer than Kit Kat. Finally, the taste is also amazing. With a variety of flavors, such as strawberry, lemon, or orange, it’s way better than a candy that can only provide one.

L: Okay, but your main point here was the length in which a person would finish the candy bar itself, but to be real with you the size doesn’t matter, if a candy is good, and you truly like it, then isn’t it fair to say that Kit Kat can be the ULTIMATE best given that its flavor is not only chocolaty but also crunchy, its a mixture of cookie and chocolate which creates the best candy ever. On top of its amazing texture, it truly is delicious. To follow along your “variety of flavors’ ‘ reasoning, if something is truly the best wouldn’t you say conforming with one flavor all the way would be the best way to go? In the end, if it’s the ultimate best candy then one flavor throughout the candy should be enough.

A: Okay okay. During Halloween, everyone can agree that you want to hit up every house you can. When it relates to candy, quantity is over quality. While Kit Kats are arguably one of the best-tasting candies, it’s a waste if you can only take one bite. FOR YOUR INFORMATION, the variety of flavors allows you to combine and find which flavors you like the most. If you eat them all at once, it tastes even better. In essence, all of the flavors combine to make the best-tasting flavor. Chocolate and cookies aren’t enough if there isn’t enough to enjoy.

L: I mean yeah, you’re not wrong, perhaps a variety of flavors may bring out a different taste, but who wants to have different flavors in their mouth, when they can savor the same fantastic flavor until they finish it? Plus, perhaps getting more candy pieces is the right way to go when speaking of quantity over quality, but if you have either one bag of skittles or one bar of Kit Kat, then is it not fair to say that quantity is equal since, in the end, it is one serving you are consuming and not multiple? If the main issue is flavor, there are various flavored Kit Kats though, each and every one of them has a special touch to it, and it is more than enough to be enjoyed all throughout the piece. Unlike skittles, they are hard and it’s basically a white circle with colored flavor topped off with an “s”.

A: The only thing is about the flavored Kit Kats, the different types of flavors. During Halloween you’re not gonna get a variety of flavors you will only be getting chocolate, maybe white chocolate or at most a special color dye chocolate for Halloween. I don’t think that for Halloween candies at least the odds that you get a variety of flavored Kit Kats is low to nothing. And the difference is between the two that while Kit Kats you enjoy with one bite, with skittles you have to constantly chew because they are more of a gummy rather than chocolate, and you have a longer-lasting flavor and experience versus Kit Kat.

L: If you’re saying that it’s more possible than not that you get an original Kit Kat bar rather than the different flavored Kit Kats, technically I was consistently talking about the original Kit Kat bar and the original Kit Kat bar is delicious itself it’s crunchy and it’s chocolaty and it is just perfect. It’s better than skittles because on Halloween yeah you may want a variety of things but it is rarely the house that actually gives you the chocolate bars and usually you kind of only do get a bunch of random candies. I believe that chocolate itself is better and when it comes to a candy piece chocolate itself is better because even if you don’t get the flavor like strawberry the original Kit Kat is the real best out of all of them.

A: Okay, so, the only thing with chocolate is that if you’re lactose intolerant you already get rid of a whole group of people that can’t even enjoy Kit Kats, it’s common among a lot of people, including myself and my mom. My mom can’t really enjoy Kit Kats or else she’d be sick, and I can’t really enjoy Kit Kats because then I’ll start feeling sick to the stomach. Skittles can actually reach a wider variety of people while Kit Kat only reduces the number of people that it can reach.

L: Okay, that’s a fair point, I have to admit you got me there, but now the most popular candy school-wise has been defined as Kit Kat and Twix. What are your thoughts and opinions on these candies, and would you agree or disagree with the popular choice?

A: I’m gonna have to disagree because first and foremost Kit Kat is just not the best candy out there, there are greater options such as almond joy or skittles for example. It has a lack of long-lasting flavor that all of these other candies don’t and can’t. Personally, I think Twix is better than Kit Kat because of the caramel. That being said though, I understand why people would choose Kit Kat over Twix because not everyone enjoys caramel as much as I do. 

L: Okay, but, your major concern prior to this was the milk, and Kit Kats have more cookies than chocolate, therefore not a lot of milk is actually in the candy. So, your favorite is Skittles, and you think it’s the best, but the school’s popular vote is Kit Kat and Twix, so are Skittles really the best? 

A: okay okay, i think that if people other than myself enjoy short-lasting candies like Kit Kat then I can see why Twix and Kit Kat are up there but i think that Twix is just better compared to Kit Kats because the caramel gives it a bit of longer lasting flavor and I think the cookie inside tastes better than the one in Kit Kats. I don’t like the snap that you have to make for Kit Kat. It’s not satisfying, it’s not cool, it’s just weird, and with the Twix, you don’t have that and there’s caramel with the cookie, it’s more bang for your buck.

L: Well, for your information, skittles are very hard and Kit Kats are soft and enjoyable, you can take the smallest bite and it won’t affect you at all but if you bite a skittle, you’d be needing a dentist jkjk but for reals, Skittles are hard, and annoying because I’d have to chew and chew and chew like gum until I’m finished with it and I don’t like gum so Skittles really don’t rock. If I want candy I want to enjoy it without having to hurt my teeth while doing so.

A: The only thing is, at least in candy terms, lasting long is not a bad thing, in fact, if it’s a good-tasting candy I’d want it to last longer than for it to be gone in seconds. 

L: Well you got me there if you wanna enjoy candy savor it as much as you want, but for me, Kit Kat will continue to be the best and we can agree to disagree as you will continue off your journey enjoying skittles and I myself Kit Kats. 

A: Maybe in the trashcan it’s the best 🙂

L: UMM hurtful, okay haha, well this brings me to my next question, where would you say the best place to get candies would be? 

A: Honestly, it goes with rich neighborhoods because in rich neighborhoods people feel more generous and they actually have the money to back up what they say. In these neighborhoods, you have a higher chance to get a candy bar rather than a few little candies. However, if you’re looking for as much candy as possible disregarding the size then any neighborhood should be fine. 

L: Well, there you have it the best places in which you can get the better candy would be the rich neighborhoods. Now we will be transitioning to the most disliked candies. 

L: What would you say your most disliked candy or candies are?

A: I’d have to go with hot tamales, they are disgusting, they are not spicy, they are not good, it is just a gummy that tastes bad like if it was artificial hot sauce. And given its gummy means it has a longer lasting effect, and a long-lasting disgusting candy, nobody wants that.

L: I agree with you there, hot tamales do suck, I do not vividly recall having them more than once given that they made me throw up the one time I did try them. Now, going back to the previous discussion, you’ve mentioned that Almond Joy was on your top five, but from the results of our school, one of the most disliked candies has been the Almond Joy.

A: Well, the school is wrong, think about all the incidents recently. If you can tell me these people are sane then you are wrong, you cannot tell me that these people are socially capable of liking good candy. Therefore, I think these students are wrong, and it may be the quite opposite of what they say. 

L: Okay, but hear me out, you are mentioning school-wide incidents, rights? But how does this apply to Halloween candy? Candy is something that any person can like or dislike given their taste buds. It depends on the candy itself, and it has been decided by most of the people in our school that Almond Joy is the most disliked candy, however, it was not the fault of these students for causing these incidents at Lincoln, and even if they did, it does not mean that their opinions differ from their taste buds given that everyone has the freedom of liking or disliking certain things. 

A: Okay yeah, I don’t have anything to say to that, but I still do enjoy Almond Joy.

L: Well, that wraps things up, and it has been settled that both Kit Kats and Skittles have their pros and cons, but in summation, we agreed to disagree with each other on the best candy, though I still believe that Kit Kats are the best :), overall, they both have good into them. Soon enough we agreed that hot tamales are the worst candies. 

L: Thank you for tuning in and come back next time for another episode of the Halloween insight.

L&A: Thank you once again, see you soon.