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Vaping: A Bathroom Epidemic

Vaping: A Bathroom Epidemic

David Juffe, Reporter October 20, 2021

According to Mötley Crüe in their 1985 song, Smoking in the Boys Room, “...everybody knows that smokin' ain’t allowed in school.” 36 years later, it seems not everyone got the memo. Smoking...

San Jose protestors holding up signs and marching for the death of George Floyd. Downtown San Jose at City Hall on May 29, 2020 (Andrea Saldana/Lion Tales)

“We’re Sick and Tired:” San Jose Protests the Death of George Floyd

Andrea Saldana, Editor/Journalist May 30, 2020

On May 29th, the people of San Jose protested for the death of George Floyd and many others on the behalf of police brutality. Adults, teens, and even children came with their signs to speak out for the...

Lincoln students google classroom. (Ariana Noble/Lion Tales)

Pass/Fail: Credits Offer Lincoln Students Less Motivation, Little Engagement

Ariana Noble, Reporter May 22, 2020

During these confusing times of online "mandatory school", teachers are working hard to provide their students with the necessary tools to succeed at home. I say mandatory in quotes because students feel...

Teammates surprising friend on her birthday by driving by and spray painting a car, all while respecting social distancing protocols (Ariana Noble/Lion Tales)

What The Shelter In Place Has Done For Us Teenagers: 2020 COVID-19

Ariana Noble , Editor April 24, 2020

As we’ve been forced to stay inside, we’ve also been forced to get creative. Thanks to Tik-Tok stars and bored teenagers, we’ve come up with some ways to see our friends and entertain ourselves.  Sadly...

SJUSD schools are closing for three weeks. (Kevin Gonzalez/Lincoln Lion Tales)

OP/ED: The SJUSD Coronavirus Emergency

Kevin Gonzalez, Reporter March 13, 2020

Today on March 13th, the Santa Clara County declared that all schools in the San Jose Unified area are closed until April 3rd. There will be no classwork/homework given and no grading shall be done throughout...

COVID-19: Student Opinion

Isaiah Avila March 13, 2020

Santa Clara County has shut down schools. My opinion on this change is making me feel very happy. School has really been stressful for lots of us students. It has been hard since I work and have school...

PSA for air pollution. Picture edited by Andrea Saldana.

OP/ED: Minorities Breathing In Toxins From The Rich

Andrea Saldana, Editor/Journalist March 6, 2020

For years minorities living in low-income communities have been breathing in toxins and deadly chemicals that have been causing a wide range of fatal diseases. This silent killer has been caused by large...

Stones with hopeful words on them in Garden of Hope (Ariana Noble/Lion Tales).

Garden Of Hope: Mrs. Cahn’s Garden Revived

Ariana Noble , Editor February 7, 2020

After the passing of Lincoln’s former teacher Mrs. Cahn, her garden outside of the Lincoln center was left to perish for months. Over the weeks flowers were dying and dirt was getting kicked...

Carter Fein walking inside the court room. Located at Santa Clara County Superior Court (Angela Chan).

Eyewitness Report: Lincoln Mock Trial Competitions

February 7, 2020

"AM JUST SYS" is what it says on my transcript, it's a seventh period class offered at Abraham Lincoln High School but to me it's known as Mock Trial. Mock Trial is a team that stimulates court trials,...

Teen Mental Health

Teen Mental Health

Antonia Madrid and Mason Fenster February 7, 2020

Teen depression and anxiety is a common mental challenge within teens throughout the U.S. Many people think depression is just a temporary state of mind, but it’s much more than that. Having depression...

Why are minorities isolated? (Andrew Martinez)

Attitudes Against Minorities in the School System

School is a place where people come to get educated. School should be a place where all kids of all ages are welcomed and respected. School should not have certain groups of kids being constantly bullied...

How does social media influence teenagers today?

How does social media influence teenagers today?

How many hours do you spend on social media in a day? Nowadays, almost everyone has some sort of social media account whether it is Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, etc. It is known that teenagers’ cravings...

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