Don’t take them for granite, crystals offer many benefits

Rock your way to a happier, healthier life



Recently, crystals have become really popular with young teens. Their popularity has risen mainly due to TikTok and other social media platforms, and are very popular with teen girls specifically. I personally own crystals, and although I’m not really aware of the value they carry, what caught my eye was how pretty the stones are, and how you can carry them in bracelets, and any type of jewelry. 

Although they may be very pretty to look at, they aren’t just plain stones. Crystals are minerals formed underground from three-dimensional repeating patterns of atoms, and their appearance actually depends on the position and conditions in which they form and grow, making some very small and others very large.  

Although they’re really beautiful stones, appearance isn’t the only beautiful thing about them. There is actually such a thing as “programming” crystals, this is when you hold a crystal with the intention of filling it with your energy and love. It is said that the crystal will remember your energy and spread it throughout any environment you’re in. Their repeating chemical form allows them to hold some kind of memory, or feeling you liked and would like to be reminded of.

There is a huge diversity of crystals, and every crystal has its own purpose and meaning. Tiger eye is a crystal that is said to help those who seek clarity. Rose quartz is supposed to aid those in search of gentle love, and Lapis Lazuli is said to expand one’s awareness and help attune our intuition, but these are just some of the many crystals that exist.

One can sometimes distinguish the meaning of a crystal just by looking at its color. Red is commonly known as the color of action, meaning that red crystals usually bring energy into your life, and are usually used in situations that require passion and energy. White or clear stones are said to help one see more clearly, and purple stones are supposed to help with transformation or change. 

Crystals are made to stick around for a long time, but if you ever feel like a crystal is not supposed to be with you anymore and feel the need to have other crystals around you, you are free to give it away and no harm will come your way.