Romancing the novel: Recs for lovely reading

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Recommendations for Romance Novel Reading

Do you sometimes find yourself longing for a significant other but don’t want the commitment? Do you have a significant other but maybe wish they’d commit a little more? Do you want all the fluff, the pining, the captivating romance you could only dream of? Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or realist or maybe a bit of both, there’s a book for you. This list of books will be sure to entice you and fill you with all the romance you will ever need.

To start off, short and sweet, everyone’s favorite trope, full of fluff, friends-to-lovers. A perfect young adult book under this category is the series, “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” by Jenny Han. Recently, the series was adapted into a show on Amazon Prime, but nothing could ever beat reading the intense longing throughout the love triangle of Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah. The series follows two families that spend summer in the same beach house every year. Belly had always felt a connection between the two Fisher brothers, but the summer she “turns pretty” all the attention is on her. Now the two Fisher brothers feel the connection as well, but Belly must choose between them. 

Next up is, “Love and Other Words,” by Christina Lauren, which is an amazingly well written friend-to-lovers and second chance romance. This young adult book emphasizes what it means to lose someone but to find your way back to them in the end. The book revolves around the relationship of Macy and Elliot, they are the best of friends, inseparable, then one tragic night ruins everything between them. They think they’ve lost each other forever, but an opportunity arises in the future, will they be able to rekindle their lost relationship? 

Do you need a good cry? If not, beware, this one is a tear-jerker. The following novel is an extremely popular piece of LGBTQ+ literature, a retelling of Homer’s epic poem, the famous Iliad. “The Song of Achilles,” by Madeline Miller explores the tragic romance between Patroclus, an exiled king, and the notorious half-mortal and half-god, Achilles. Although the fate of their relationship had been doomed from the start, their love was meant to defy all odds. It is to be noted that a box of tissues and chocolate is extremely recommended when reading this book. 

We all know those two characters who are so excruciating in love with each other but too blind to see it. Well, Josh and Hazel are those characters. “Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating,” by Christina Lauren is a great new adult, friends-to-lovers romance. After a tragic breakup, Hazel persuades her best friend Josh to go on double blind dates until they find the one. Coincidentally their blind dates continuously fail and they always end up together in the end. 

“The Truth About Heartbreak,” by B. Celeste is a difficult and messy rollercoaster. This new adult, friends-to-lovers romance, follows Everett Tucker who has lived a tragic life. That is until he meets his new best friend, and that friend’s family. River, the little sister of the family, has always had a huge crush on Everett. As they grow up, and she isn’t so little anymore, things start to change. 

If you want to escape the tedious school walls and transport underneath the warm sun at Martha’s Vineyard. “The Summer of Broken Rules,” by K.L Walther is the perfect book for you. “The Summer of Broken Rules,” is an amazing slow burn summer romance. That follows Meredith and her family during their summer at Martha’s Vineyard. As they prepare for her cousin’s wedding, she forms an alliance with a groomsman, but as the summer progresses she loses focus on her mission and her heart. 

Now moving into everyone’s favorite trope, the messy enemies-to-lovers romance novels. “The Soulmate Equation,” by Christina Lauren is the perfect example of this trope. Jess is a realist who doesn’t believe in love, but makes the decision to take a matchmaking test to find her soulmate. Although this may have seemed like a good decision at the time, her mind is severely changed when she finds out she’s matched with the CEO of the soulmate test, who she hates.

“Better Than the Movies,” by Lynn Painter is a fantastic young adult novel, it’s an enemies-to-lovers romance. If you’re looking for the classic romance plot this is definitely the book for you. The story follows Liz Buxbaum who’s had a crush on her neighbor, Wes, since they were kids. During her senior year of high school, she’s granted a moment of romance with someone at their school, but it isn’t Wes.

“One True Loves,” by Taylor Jenkins Reid is about a messy love triangle, to say the least. Emma marries her high school sweetheart, and when death does them part, Emma is devastated, that is until she meets Sam. Although this seems like an easy read, the plot twist will draw you in, you won’t want to put it down. 

Lastly, “Normal People,” by Sally Rooney is a devastating adult romance. The book has been adapted into a show on Hulu, but Rooney’s writing encapsulates the heartbreak between the two main characters beautifully. The story follows Marianne and Connell who have a secret relationship, but are strictly frowned upon by the popular kids at school. As they both grow up and find each other time and time again, it’s never the right time. 

Whether you spend your night sobbing about the tragic love story between Patroclus and Achilles, or yelling in frustration about how oblivious Josh and Hazel are, you aren’t spending it alone.