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Throw a Pie at Your Teacher: Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Lincoln

Breast Cancer Awareness Week at Lincoln High School at October 22, 2018 to October 26, 2018 (Jennifer Schwarz/Lion Tales)

Jennifer Schwarz, Journalist

October 19, 2018

During October 22-26, 2018 the Leadership Class is hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness week. They will have a guest speaker on Tuesday and Wednesday, and also there are spirit days. As a reminder: Monday: Pink Pajamas Day Tuesday: Pink Ribbon Day Wednesday: Pink Accessory Day Thursday: Pink...

Think Pink!

The Official Pink Breast Cancer Loop, representing support and connection to breast cancer (edited by Jennifer Schwarz/Lincoln Lion Tales)

Jennifer Schwarz, Journalist

September 28, 2018

What is associated with pink? You guessed it, women. Even though we live in a time of equality, pink is still a ¨girl color," which is a stereotype; but that is not what I wanted to write about. As some of you may have already heard, pink is the color of breast cancer, and October is known as the...

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