Lion Tales

Art Show: Lincoln Exhibits Michael Collopy’s portraits!

(Marelyn Aguirre/ Lincoln Lion Tales)

Andrea Garcia and Marelyn Aguirre

May 18, 2017

On May 17th, Lincoln at last held an opening ceremony for the innovated Lincoln Center alongside with Michael Collopy's "Do Right Through Peace" art show. The Lincoln Center was decorated beautifully from the outside as well as the inside, snacks were provided, and the room with packed with multiple atte...

Pool Mischief

Coach Macko instructing his team. (Alicia Gomez/ Lincoln Lion Tales)

Hazel Stange, Reporter

March 22, 2017

It had become an all too familiar scene: the tired varsity swimmer would make their way from their car half asleep while clumsily maneuvering their way to the pool deck. On their way they would think of the multitude of challenging sets that awaited them while ignoring cramping limbs. As they were...

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