Welcome to Badlands


(Natalie Guevara- Lincoln Lion Tales)

Leave the world with singer Halsey’s first album Badlands.

An amazing album, Badlands includes both  hits “Hurricane” and “Ghost.”

Halsey is an artist that is not afraid to speak the truth in her songs with deep and meaningful lyrics.

A few days before revealing her full album, Halsey released “Drive,” a track described as unique and less structured than the other songs on the album. Another track that grabs your attention is “New Americana.”  You may think “New Americana” is just a party song, but there is something deeper to it. “New Americana” is relating how the nation is changing throughout the lyrics empowering everyone.

“Colors” is a manifestation of a dream sequence, a hallucination or a memory.  “Colors part two” is the end of the dream, it’s a short song but it just makes “Colors” look even more incredible.  Then there’s “Haunting” a song that is talking about how someone or something is haunting her.

Tons of people were excited about the new album so Lion Tales reached out on Twitter and asked some questions to fans.

LT: Are you excited for Halsey’s first album? How would you describe her music?

@Halseyxupdates: “Of course I am, I am so proud of Halsey and how far she’ve [sic] come and how much attention and fans she’s gaining, its truly amazing seeing a person grow as a person and artist like this. I would describe her music as Personal, mystery in some type of way, dark but not in a bad way, and sexual.”

LT: What song are you excited to hear? Are you excited for Halsey’s first album?

@HalseyOnline: “I’m so excited to finally hear what she has worked so hard on. I’m really can’t wait to hear Strange Love or Gasoline, I feel like those are going to be my favorites!”

LT: How would you describe Halsey’s music?

@WorldWideHalsey: “I would describe her music as  Bliss, Perfect and My one true happiness.”

Badlands is an album that is very uplifting. It is an album you’ll relate to and  you’ll be happy to listen to everyday. The world better get ready because Halsey is taking over.

Welcome to Badlands everyone, enjoy your stay.