Campaign Updates: Keeping You Posted


On Tuesday, May 3rd, Senator Cruz dropped out of the presidential race when Trump won the Indiana primary. On Wednesday, Governor Kasich announced he would be dropping out too, leaving Trump as the only Republican candidate. Primaries are meant to help these candidates become the nominee in the general election in November.

Bernie Sanders said, “closed primaries deny energized independents the right to vote and discourage them from joining the Democratic Party.” Independents don’t have a certain party, but in closed primaries (where people can only vote for the party they are registered as), these independents can’t vote for a Democrat or a Republican. Yes, they can vote in the general election, for anyone, just like Democrats and Republicans. However, primaries were made to keep presidential campaigns controlled by the people, for their interests and cumulative votes to count. Depending on your state, however, you might not get to help out your favored candidate.

There are only 14 primaries left until the general election on Tuesday November 8, 2016. The California primary is on June 7th, so if you’re turning or already are eighteen, now’s your chance to help. You have to register online or by mail by May 23rd; if it’s by mail it has to arrive by May 31st. If you aren’t eighteen by the primary, don’t worry, you can still vote in the general election.

Click here to register to vote if you are a California resident.