She Kills Monsters Delayed!?

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Has it come to your knowledge that the Lincoln’s production of She Kills Monsters has been pushed back?


If you didn’t, then we’ll be happy to inform you! After a personal event occurred in Mr. Manthe’s (current drama teacher) life, it was decided that the play, She Kills Monsters, should be delayed to a new date since he couldn’t be around to direct it. According to a student performing in the play, she expresses that the sudden cancellation of She Kills Monsters has them running around trying to figure out where to store the props. Mateo Ruiz clearly stated, “We worked so hard to get all the props and the built scenery and now we have to save it and prepare later on?!”. He also describes how he, everyone else in Drama, and stage tech people feel terrible about the situation.


The show being postponed three months subsequent to the original date, does not mean that it will be any less spectacular. The new date actually gives the directors, actors, and anyone involved in the play more time to prepare and make adjustments if needed. It will still be the same show, of course. The assistant director of the play, Joshua Michelberg, stated: “We’re going to rehearse every Wednesday from now until May but it gives us more time to clean up some stuff we were unsure of.” That way the actors performing in the show won’t have to worry about forgetting lines or being unprepared.


Seeing that the show was practically delayed last minute, there is no doubt that everyone must have been ready to go. Including the set. The entire set had already been put on stage, as well as all of the furniture and props that tech built necessary for the show’s setting. Unfortunately, they had to spend a long time breaking everything down. A tech student, Noah Alvarez, who took part in building the set for She Kills Monsters said, “We honestly spent like a couple weeks on it. It’s really hard to build stuff for a play you know.” In a few months, tech students will have to rebuild everything set for the play, but for now, everything is stored backstage.


If you take a look at the schedule of the upcoming plays and rehearsals, you’ll notice that Spring Awakening is coming up before She Kills Monsters. Students performing in She Kills Monsters claim to be confused as to why they have a different play before performing their delayed play. Well, Spring Awakening had already been planned to occur within March to April. It would’ve been a hassle to push both plays back, and they can’t have two shows going on at the same time. So once Spring Awakening closes, the people involved with the play can start focusing on She Kills Monsters.
With that being said, the official Lincoln Performing Arts website states, “She Kills Monsters is rescheduled for May 11-13. Ticket holders can use their tickets for the day and time that they originally purchased or bring them in to buy a new ticket on a different day and time.” Therefore, you still have something very exciting to look forward to. While waiting for May 11 to arrive, you can also make time to check out Spring Awakening. The first performance date is on March 23.

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