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Course Selection at Lincoln!

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There are still four months left in the school year, but course selection is right around the corner. During these next few weeks, students will be able to pick classes for the following school year.

This process typically occurs in the spring, but finalized schedules will not be released until summer orientation.

Each year, the selection of classes remains largely the same. However, new courses are occasionally added to the list of options for students to choose from. In the past few years new additions have included AP Computer Science, AP Statistics, Drawing and Animation, and Beginning orchestra.

This year, Lincoln students will be able to sign up for a number of new classes: AP Human Geography, Robotics, American Sign Language (ASL).

AP Human geography will be offered to incoming 10th graders who do not wish to take AP European History or World History. Additionally, students hoping to fulfill a foreign language requirement will be able to do so by taking ASL.

As always, students hoping to earn a place in any of the upper-level performing arts classes will be asked to audition during the spring. Results will determine which class they are placed in.

Though this may be a stressful time for many students, know that administrators are here to help, and counselors are also available for anyone seeking academic advice.


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Bilingual Student Newspaper of Abraham Lincoln High School, San Jose California.
Course Selection at Lincoln!