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Lincoln held the 12th Annual Film Festival on Wednesday, January 25th. Students from Mr. Madden’s class worked on a film project that was showcased to the school. All the films tied into the play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare. To summarize this play, “Hamlet” is about family betrayal and the value of life. The films were shown to students and staff at the Lincoln Center.

The backstory behind the film festival travels back to the days when Mr. Madden was a student at San Diego State University. This assignment was given to him and his group where he fell in love with the project. He said this project offered an opportunity “to express who I was artistically and be able to show that side of me to the rest of my class”. Because this project was very memorable for him, he wanted to share that same experience with his students and give them that same opportunity for themselves.

Although Mr. Madden has been teaching at Lincoln for a couple of years, this is his 12th year working on the project. He has worked on this project two years in San Diego, six years in Gilroy, and now his fourth year at Lincoln. The project was assigned on the second day of school where students had an entire semester to produce a short film. He believes this is a chance for his students, “to show what you’ve learned using your movie.”

There were 10 total groups who adapted Hamlet into their films. One parodied a famous show “The Office” and another gimmicked the novela style. Every group brought out their own unique ideas and the students had the freedom to choose the specifics in their films, like costume design, script, story, characters, directing, public relations, filming, and essentially a vast amount of positions.

Julian Dykstra commented on what he learned, “I took away added practice in organizing group projects and participating in a creative process.”

Juan Ibarra commented on his favorite experience with this project. “My favorite part of making the short film was the way I could see all my classmates act out in their movies.”

Mr.Madden summarized this project in one word, “fun”.

The following list includes movie title, student name along with position.


Phoebe Spacek Burdick (director, character design, and animator)

James Walter (script author and poster creator)

Emma Brand (dramaturge and animator)

Kai Pornell (costume consultant and animator)

Joe Martinez (music and sound technician)

(Daniel Perez / Lincoln Lion Tales)


’’The Office of Denmark’’

Fernando Reyes (director)

Kehooi Hung (dramaturge)

Aaron Mcnelis (music and sound technician)

Katie Henriques (costume and set designer)

Sara Greenhalgh (public relations)

(Daniel Perez / Lincoln Lion Tales)


”Hamlet in the Hood”

Cristobal Gonzales

Natalia Ramos

Angela Iness

Michael Rodriguez

Alejandro Martinez

Juan Ibarra

Starr Lopez

Evan Hague

(Daniel Perez / Lincoln Lion Tales)


”La Ultima Traicion ”

Andrea Cervantes as Gertrudis

Christian Mora as Hamleto

Bryanna Lara as Polonia

Ayranny Medina as Claudio

Daisy Menera as Rosendo

Xithlali Vasquez as Guillermo

(Daniel Perez / Lincoln Lion Tales)


’’Let me be cruel’’

Abi Orosco as Hamlet (director, dramaturge)

Daniella Carmona as Laertes (music technician)

Natalie Fuentes as Horatio (PR and costume designer)

Serena Lucatero as Claudius

(Daniel Perez / Lincoln Lion Tales)


’’Hamlet on Ice’’

Michael Reis (director, production designer, director of photography, writer)

Mrs.Campione and Mr Campione (co producers)

Julian Martinez (music)

Brandon Sullivan (costume designer)

Monica Hernandez

Marco Aguila

Juan Villagomez

Yaseen Shokry

Eric Villalpando

Lily Hawkins

Aaron Reynolds

JIng Jing Huntley

Briana Morales

Liam Capone

Michael Ries

(Daniel Perez / Lincoln Lion Tales)



Jing Huntley(Director)

Anya Harkness(Co director)

Sydney Harris(Dramaturge)

Madyson Gross(Public relations)

Jessica Jones(costume and set designer)

Robert Najar as Hamlet (Music technician)

(Daniel Perez / Lincoln Lion Tales)


”Hamillet”Josh Michelberg as Claudius(Poster Design)

Julia Garcia as Hamlet/Gertrude(Writer,Music)

Ruby Bontrager as Ophelia(Dramaturge)

Gabriel Richardson as Polonius/Laertes(director)

Guest appearances Jena Rothenberger, Ezra Moreno, and Owen Heckman

(Daniel Perez / Lincoln Lion Tales)


”The Secret Life of Hamlet”

Isaiah Asprer(Director)

Javier Martinez(Co-director)

Marisa Head(costumes)

Vanessa Azure(Music and Sound Technician)

Alondra Esquivel( writer)

Carmen Alanis(dramaturge)

Hannia Rojas(public relations)

(Daniel Perez / Lincoln Lion Tales)



Josh Rosello as Claudi (Music)

Valentino Ramiro as Hamlet (Costume design)

Cassidy Fusillo (Producer)

Minerva Aceves as Ophelia

Eric Villalpando

Nathalie Rojas as Gertrude

Marcela Aceves as Laertes

(Daniel Perez / Lincoln Lion Tales)

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