Local Drag Show Has Queens Slay The Stage


Rocky Horror Picture Show (Katarina Bellmonte / Lincoln Lion Tales)

On October 20th, the LGBTQ Youth Community Center on South 1st St, held an amazing, vibrant drag show at 7:30 pm and had it’s colorful and sweet ending at 10:00 pm. This was not the first drag show this center has done, but it definitely was one of the most outstanding!

These sassy drag queens paraded their pride to MACLA studios and, man, did they bring down that stage! It was an open and free event and only 20 minutes before the performance the seats were already almost filled.  The first person to take the stage by storm was a flawless queen called Daisy Disaster, who lip-synced and danced around to “Can’t Be Tamed” by Miley Cyrus. I can’t even imagine how overtaken with joy and adrenaline those queens were, but if they were scared they never showed it for a second.

After a few songs, it was intermission time, and I went backstage to interview those sparkling queens. The first person I interviewed was Daisy Disaster herself. ¨So how did you feel about your performance today?¨ Daisy flipped her hair (quiet sassily I might add), and responded ¨I think my performance went perfect, and I’m really happy that the crowd enjoyed it.¨ I then asked ¨What message would you like to get across to the people that will read this article?¨ Daisy stopped and pondered before earnestly responding, that ¨the message I would like to get across, is that even though I’m just a normal gay guy, and not even trans, I’m not afraid to go out and show support for my friends. These people are like my family and they have helped me through so many rough patches, that if I had never met them, I know for sure I would be lost.¨ I thanked Daisy for their time and by then the intermission had ended and people started heading back to their seats.

As the performances continued vibrantly, it almost had the crowd electrified, as they whooped and hollered for the high-spirited queens that stormed that stage and rocked the show. At the end of the night, a young girl of 15 named Ariel took the stage and gave a speech. This speech both blew the crowd away and even jerked a couple tears, myself included. Her speech described the cast-aside lives of the LGBTQ Communities lives and privileges as a human.

At the end of the show, I think everyone walked out a lot more understanding of the Queer Community, and maybe with a little bit of sparkles too.