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Breast Cancer Awareness Week

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Breast cancer has touched all of our lives in some way, in fact, it 12% of American women will be diagnosed in their lifetime: mothers, sisters, daughters, neighbors, teachers, friends, maybe even you. The biggest breakthroughs in breast cancer research and prevention have come through awareness and financial contributions.

Seniors strike a pose for the Lincoln High School Class of 2018 Instagram Account/ LHS2018

Last week, October 23 through 27, was Lincoln’s Breast Cancer Awareness week. With Quad activities such as launching a pie in a teacher or administrators faces Lincoln’s Leadership program raised about 243 dollars for the American Breast Cancer Society. Students were also shown how to prevent cancer and warning signs you should watch for, there were also tables where students could pick up informational fliers and take pictures sporting their pink outfits and face paint.

Luna Adeladia, Julia Reddy, and Evie Le Martelot Poublane strike a pose for LHS Class of 2018/ LHS2018

All around the campus, there were posters asking students to become more engaged and aware of the millions of people that are affected by breast cancer and what obstacles are still to come. Breast cancer survivors also frequented our campus throughout the week to talk about their experiences and encourage the new generation to sprint in the race for the cure.

The 200 dollars raised went to the Breast Cancer Research Center (BCRC), a nonprofit that has been able to raise a half a billion dollars. The BCRC currently supports more than 275 women and men with grants to pay their medical bills while also researching the role that genetics play in breast cancer. Current research shows that blood tests are can show more than ever before, including patients risk for their cancer spreading.

Breast Cancer Awareness week allowed our small community that is spearheading the fight against breast cancer for the masses.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Week