Art Auction Inspires Lincoln Students

ICA San Jose Annual Art Auction

Every year ICA, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, hosts a live auction that showcases both praised and rising artist’s donated pieces, known as Connect & Collect Art Auction and Exhibition; Lincoln students are asked to volunteer for this event each year. The National Art Honors Society, NAHS, here at Lincoln is directly involved with the event. Club members are passionate about art and are excited to help at the auction every year; they get a live peek into the art world in action.

The crowded gallery was roaring with excitement and intrigued bidders. As the Lincoln students prepare to hold the art. The NAHS students job is to carry and present the art as the guests rapidly bid on the piece, walking down the aisle displaying eclectic and stunning pieces.

Patricia Cariño Valdez, the curator at ICA says in regards to having Lincoln students back every year: “I went to public school and I was in a similar organization. I loved participating in community events, and so it’s nice to be on the other end of that. I enjoy being around such an energetic and smart group of students; it definitely adds to the positive energy in the room”

Patricia works tirelessly for this gallery and event, she strives to make each event and exhibit the best it can be. In the end the rewards make it all worth it: “The ICA is a wonderful place where artists truly experiment with their practice. As an ICA, we don’t have an art collection like a museum, so instead we present new works by emerging and mid-career artists. Some view us as the stepping-stone to museums and bigger shows. For me, the ICA is all about the opportunity for artists to try new things and push oneself. I really enjoy supporting artists in this endeavor.” This is just how the Lincoln art student volunteers feel toward the event and gallery; trying new art events and learning about the exciting opportunities that art can provide and taking initiative in participating in the art world.

ICA San Jose is undoubtedly a gallery for the community, with 8-10 exhibitions the small yet dedicated staff aims to create fantastic events including the Connect & Collect Art Auction and Exhibition.

Natalia Grey, a member of NAHS says that: “Volunteering for the Institute of Contemporary Art has given me a firsthand look into today’s modern art world. It was a great way for me to learn how to handle art and experience a live auction. I continue to go back time and time again because of the amazing people involved and their admirable work ethic. ICA is a great place to grow as an artist. It is also astonishing to witness a live auction and the quick paced event.”

Patricia adds, “Importantly, I love that we are free to the public: Tuesday through Sunday, from 9-5PM (And on First Fridays 10-10AM). If you, your friends, family, or class want to come visit, please sign up for a free tour and make sure to say hi and introduce yourself. I love talking about the art with guests and community members.”

If you are interested, the institute is located at 560 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113.