REVIEW: We Will Rock You

 I was amazed last Thursday, November 9th, as I walked into Lincoln’s theater to watch Lincoln Performing Arts’ latest production, “We Will Rock You.” The show had not even started and I could see how alive everyone was. Everyone in that crowd was there to support someone from the techies to the actors. The crowd was engaged with the show, they did not just sit and watch they waved their hands together. It was almost like the audience was the last puzzle-piece for the musical. The musical would not be what it was if it also were not for the audience. The energy remained constant throughout the whole show. 

The costumes were interesting. The costumes in the show are definitely costumes you would not typically see in any other musical, which is not a bad thing. The production lighting was remarkable. You could notice the tech crew took time to put everything together. The songs of Queen were performed in a way where you could be able to feel the emotion that the actors have.

After the show I went around to some of the people in the crowd and asked them to talk about their favorite moment from the show, and what made them to want to come see the show.

“The whole show itself was mind blowing, my favorite scene was when the solo guitarist came out and amazed us all. What made me really want to come and see the show was because my friends were in it.” – Camillo Cervantes, Sophomore

I also went backstage to ask actors their thoughts about the show.

“It was different from a lot of shows we did in the past so we were really excited. The funnest part of the show would have to be getting to hangout with all my friends and I love performing so performing alongside them was fun” – Ilona Mauro, Senior

The show itself was different, it stood out from other musicals. The actors were alive and performed beautifully. The set and costumes looked like a lot of work was put into it. This show is definitely one that  I and many other people will remember.