Prom at Sunset: Lincoln Chooses New Venue for Annual Tradition

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Prom is at a brand new venue, Club Auto Sport, and comes along with some new activities for all students to enjoy.

After talking to ASB Vice President, Ginger Luebcke, she said that last years venue would not suffice. With a growing amount of interest in prom this year, the old Marriott venue would not accommodate all the attendees. Some of the awesome features that will be included at Club Auto Sport is a lively arcade, car racing games, air hockey, a posh car museum and an outdoor patio for a breath of fresh air.

Prices have increased since last years event due to all these additional luxuries, and with each coming week the price will jump, it has sparked debate among the student body. For food, students will be offered an elaborate dessert table, Ginger Luebcke says, “Desserts will include gluten and vegan options, on a separate table so that there is no cross-contamination if people are allergic to some of the ingredients in the other desserts.” Which is great news for those with dietary restrictions, they can still enjoy the sweet treats.  

The sunset theme sets a romantic tone that will compliment all the warm toned dresses and ties. Ms. Zamora is working hard with the venue owners to ensure the decorations are beautiful!

Buy your tickets in room 52 at lunch!

Ticket Prices:

May 7-11 will be $90

May 14-17 will be $100

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