New Paint, New Look

Over the summer Lincoln got a new look. Lincoln went from a pale peachy color to a bold blue and gold. With all the mixed thoughts about the paint job, Lincoln Lion Tales went to Twitter to find out what Lincoln students thought: What do you think of the new look? 

We found out through our poll that out of thirty-four students, 85%, thought it looked better. 15% thought it looked worse.

After making our poll, Lion Tales met with Matthew Hewitson, the principal, to answer a few of our questions regarding the new paint colors.

In speaking with Hewitson, Lion Tales found out that all schools in the San Jose Unified School District are on a 10 year paint cycle. When it’s a school’s turn to get painted, the district has a limited palette of colors that the schools can choose from. Hewitson said that art teachers, some parents, and some students helped with the color scheme. The school ultimately went with the closest blue SJUSD had, which still isn’t dark enough to be Lincoln blue, and a yellow that is the closest match to the school colors of navy blue and gold.

However, there are still many areas that need to be touched up that still look sloppy and unfinished, according to Hewiston. These touch-ups have been going on since the start of school.

Mr. Hewitson is still going back and forth with the contractors to paint the roof of the science building and the top of the overhead on the theater building because they are still lime green. The contractors say the material used to build the roof came out of the factory that color and that it would require a whole separate process to paint it, according to Hewiston, who spoke to the contractors.

Science building with green roof color.

Mr. Hewitson personally “hated” the green and orange, and was glad to see it go. When he first saw the new building it took him a while to get used to it because it was a lot of color, but it eventually grew on him. 

Lincoln Lion Tales asked Steve Adamo, The Director of Facilities, Operations, Maintenance, Grounds & Construction at SJUSD,  about the science building roof and why it wasn’t painted.  Adamo said “to my understanding it was not thought about in the original plan, but after the building was painted was then brought up.”

He said they are still in the process of seeing if it will be painted or not but he did said the materials is “hard to paint over.”

He heard from other people that they thought it was a beautiful building on its own and they should have just left it. Mostly, it looks good, but still is not done.



The front of Abraham Lincoln High School before the new paint job. (Lincoln Lion Tales)

The front of Abraham Lincoln High School after the new paint, August 2018. Workers painted the entire school over the course of the summer. At the beginning of school, there was still unpainted sections of the school. (Anastasia Cervantes / Lincoln Lion Tales)