Were Lincoln Students Hyped for the KSI vs Logan Paul Boxing Match?


On August 25th, 2018, one of the most anticipated and biggest events on the entire Youtube platform as a whole had occurred. That specific event being the Logan Paul vs KSI boxing match that took place in Manchester, England.

Ever since the Youtuber, Olajide “KSI” Olatunji, announced that he’d be willing to fight the Paul Brothers back in February, fans were eager to see who he would be fighting; and luckily Logan Paul accepted his offer.

Logan Paul and KSI were not the only ones fighting last Saturday because Jake Paul was also fighting KSI’s younger brother as well, Deji.

That’s right: Deji and Jake Paul were also fighting during the event to coincide the match between their older brothers.  

If you were expecting for there to be a clear winner between the Logan Paul and KSI fight, then you would be wrong. Dead wrong in fact, as the fight had actually ended in a draw between the two. The fight had a total of six rounds, with each person having won three rounds respectively.

On the other hand, there was actually a clear winner between the Jake Paul and Deji fight, and that winner being: Jake Paul. The two had also fought in a six round fight, with Deji eventually growing tired during the 5th round, causing him to quit before the sixth round had even started. Thus, making Jake Paul the winner between the two.

Lincoln Lion Tales when out to ask students on their opinion of this anticipated event. Many students did not even expect a draw. One student, Anthony Tirado, said “Logan Paul is going to win because he has more reach, faster, and he has more power.”

After the fight Anthony said, “I am actually impressed with the way they fought, although I feel like it was bought because I thought KSI won, even if I support Logan.” Then, Salvador Sandoval, said“The fight was a let down, honestly I paid to see them draw.” Students were excited, but then were let down by the outcome of the fight.

In a survey created by Lincoln Lion Tales twitter account @LHSliontales, was given to figure out what students knew about the event. In the survey, about 61% of the 41 students who took the survey knew something about the fight. Although 51% of the students were not willing to pay for the fight. Then surprisingly, about 73% of the students in the survey said they were not excited about the fight. Although the students who were excited about the fight were loud and appeared to be the  majority.


KSI and Logan Paul are expected to have a rematch in Los Angeles, California around early Summer of 2019. According to KSI’s interview with The Independent, he says, “I’d love it to be early Summer, so like May.”