No Toilet Paper in the Bathrooms?

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At Lincoln, students have complained about the lack of bathroom toilet paper, among other concerns. A person that has tried to help with this issue is one of the Lincoln custodians named Richard Goins

The state of the girls bathroom in the portables after lunch on a Friday. The lack of bathroom tissue is a primary concern to many female students on campus. (Nancy Quintana / Lincoln Lion Tales)

Every month he places an order of 18 cases that contain 80 toilet paper rolls. Richard does not know the price of these cases because Lincoln does not inform him. He usually takes about 20-35 minutes to clean a bathroom. Since Richard tries to keep up with the problem, sometimes there is a small amount of paper left in the roll.

Richard states “I requested dispensers to hold more rolls,” because he realized what a big problem this was in the girl’s bathroom. He also said “this is not really” a problem in the boys bathroom. A Lincoln student named Ariel Andrade told Lincoln Lion Tales “It’s hard because sometimes we have to run all the way to the main building, just to use the restroom and we only have a limited time to use the restroom.”

Richard Goins, custodian since 1981. Mr. Goins is in charge of ordering janitorial supplies, including toilet paper. (Sharilyn Munoz / Lincoln Lion Tales)

Richard has been a Lincoln custodian since 1981. He’s been clocking in at 5 a.m and clocks out at 1:30 p.m. Richards tends to change the toilet paper rolls 4-5 times during his shift. This is usual at the girl’s bathroom. The bathroom that suffers from the issue is the girl’s bathroom at the 50’s wing.

Due to Richard trying to keep up with this problem, Lincoln Lion Tales thanks him.

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