“The Crucible”: Lincoln’s New Play With Old Themes

Looking for something interesting to do with your friends this weekend? Lincoln’s fall play is the perfect event.

This year the theater department takes on The Crucible, “It’s about Salem and witchcraft” says Melina Smoker, who plays Betty Parris in the play. The story follows “a group of girls who are bewitched by the devil” according to Smoker, while the adults try to figure it all out.

The set for the play has multiple levels and creates different environments with very little props.

Smoker says this play is different from the ones she has performed before because it’s creepy and mysterious.

Even though it is set in 17th century Salem, it still has themes that relate to today’s world and is being read by many junior classes here at Lincoln.

The show runs September 20th-22nd. Tickets are on sale now at the Box Office in the quad during lunch or before the show and online at http://www.lincolnperformingarts.com/