Luna Park Chalk Art Festival: Cool Times

The Luna Park Chalk Art Festival at September 15!

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On September 15, 2018, was the 11th Annual Luna Park Chalk Art Festival at the Backesto Park in San Jose. There were more than 3,000 artists, students, vendors, and community members participating. They, and all the visitors created over 250 pieces of different art.

A portrait created as part of the Chalk Art Festival in San Jose at September 15, 2018 (Jennifer Schwarz/Lincoln Lion Tales)

There was a variety of different art, such as original works, classical recreations, and traditional Italian Madonarri style street art. But also, they had 3D realistic works, cartoons, and modern abstractions. Also, there was a main stage, where local musicians, dancer, and performers performed. Beside that, they had a lot of local food trucks and vendor booths.

If you walked through the pathways of the park, you could see finished arts, but also people still working on their artwork. The festival was from 10AM to 5PM, and Lincoln Lion Tales’s reporters went there at 1PM. Lion Tales’s reporters could watch people just sketching out what they want to draw, but also already finished works.

JuleAnn Kelly and Marc Martinez working on their contribution to the 11th Luna Park Chalk Art Festival at September 15, 2018 (Jennifer Schwarz/Lincoln Lion Tales)

Every person participating had a square at the pathway where they could draw whatever they want, and the artists came up with a lot of different and creative ideas. You could see portraits, skylines, abstract works, monsters, #metoo works, animals, people, landscapes, food, and a lot more.

Art on the pathways of the Backesto Park in San Jose created by students from Hoover Middle School as part of the Chalk Art Festival at September 15, 2018 (Jennifer Schwarz/Lincoln Lion Tales).



Students from Hoover Middle School, just across the street from Lincoln High School, also participate and created art. You could see that even people who are not professional artist created wonderful pictures, and were really creative with their ideas.

It was really impressive for everybody to see what you can do with chalk, especially if you smudge everything, and blend it together. However, it was a great opportunity to show your skills, meet new people, and getting together in San Jose.

In the past years, Abraham Lincoln High School’s National Art Honor’s Society Club participated by creating chalk art around a yearly theme. Unfortunately, they could not attend this year because of other commitments. Hopefully, they can do it next year so everybody is able see the great art work of Lincoln’s talented students.

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