Lions Crack the Acorns, Now First In the League!

If the Lions win their next game against Oak Grove they have a good chance of winning the league.


Lions on defense on October 19th the Lions went Against the Acorns. The Lions won Final score 27-24.(Anastasia Cervantes / Lincoln Lion Tales)

Lincoln’s Varsity football Lions are now ranked by Blossom Valley Athletic League Mt. Hamilton Division in first, thanks to the games against Live Oak.

On October 19th,  our football Lions played against the Live Oak Acorns. The JV game started at 4pm and the Varsity at 7pm.

The half time score for the JV football team was 14-20, with the Acorns is the lead. The final score for the JV football Lions 14- Acorns 34

Here are some picture of the games:

The Varsity football Lions defeated the Live Oak Acorns, by a score of 27-24.

At halftime, the Varsity football Lions were in the lead, by a score of 20-10. Three touchdowns in a row were made by number 23 Gabe Florez in the first half.


In the second half of the game, Live Oak scored 2 touchdowns making the game close, but never took the lead.  In the second half #2, Adam Arenas scored, extending Lincoln’s lead.

Thanks to a lucky forced fumble caused by number 21 Jose Martinez, 25 Josiah Villegas, and 55 Brennan Chavez Potter on the last play of the game, the Lions stopped this final dive of the game on the goal line with that fumble.

Final score was 27-24 Lions for the win!


Here are some photos of the game:

Come see if the Variety football Lions stay on top! JV game starts at 4 and Varsity at 7 at Oak Grove, 285 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95123.