Lincoln’s luck runs out against Wilcox High School

The Lions make the CCS Playoffs for the second year in a row, but fall to the Wilcox Chargers.


DJ Cabrera

Lincoln’s Cheer Team rooting on our Lions

The night of November 10, 2022 we kicked off our playoff game this year, with our Lincoln Lions playing against the Wilcox Chargers. Had the Lions won, they would have gone on to the semi-finals against either Salinas High School or Sacred Heart Prep.

The game started at approximately 7:30 p.m., with our crowds cheering on their teams. The Lions and Chargers made their way onto the field, ready to play hard. With six minutes and 47 seconds left on the clock, the Lions scored their first touchdown. On the sideline, our cheerleaders celebrated with a band dance, played by our very own Lincoln Pep-Band sitting up in the bleachers.

Three minutes and 17 seconds left, Lincoln with 7 points and Wilcox high with 14. Junior Annysi Lee, a student at Lincoln High School, sat and stated “I think there will definitely be a bit of a tug of war, but Lincoln will take the win.” 

Lincoln Cheer Coach Raquel shared her input on the outcome of the game, “We have a lot of skill on our football team and we have an awesome coaching staff, the boys being lead by Coach Collins just need to work hard and they’ll win.” Shortly after that insight, Senior Sal Espinosa completed a tackle against Wilcox, with two minutes and 19 seconds left of the first quarter.

Eight minutes into the second quarter, Jeremiah Lewis scored a touchdown for the Wilcox Chargers, increasing their lead to 28-7. The Wilcox crowd went wild, while the Lions fans shouted supportive words to their players on the field.

After two hard quarters, the Lions stepped to the side for their halftime break. The Lincoln cheerleaders walked across the field to meet the Wilcox cheer team, and watch their halftime performance. The Cheerleaders put on an amazing show for halftime, and after them, the Wilcox Pom-Poms performed an awesome dance. 

After the clock for halftime ran out, the Lions stepped back onto the field, the cheerleaders back in their spots, and the crowd ready for more. Throughout the third quarter the Lions played hard including Leo the Lion coming out to show his support for the team and joined the cheerleaders in cheering them on.

Unfortunately for our Lions the high spirits and mascots weren’t enough with the game ending with a final score of Wilcox – 56, Lincoln – 14. The lions stepped off the field for the last time this season, but win or not, Lincoln High School is proud of their football team.