Homecoming Flash Sale

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Homecoming Flash Sale

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Looking for something to do on Friday, November 16, 2018? Attend homecoming at Abraham Lincoln High School at the main gym from seven to ten at night. Lincoln Lion tales interview the Leadership teacher Eileen Zamora and Josselyn Guzman a senior Leadership student and “ticket master” as Ms. Zamora called her, who provided information regarding homecoming and a ticket flash sale.

This year’s homecoming theme is the movie “Up” and Leadership came up with the idea. During homecoming, the movie “Up” will be playing outside of the Main Gym. There will be a tent for students to have additional space to be in, these tents have outside heaters. As Ms. Zamora had mentioned, there will be a taco truck and a dessert truck, the prices for the food is depending on the food truck.

There will be fun activities for students but the games have not been decided on yet. The DJ will be playing songs that were requested on a google doc, which was created to identify the type of songs students like from Lincoln and San Jose High.

There will be a flash sale on Friday, November 2, 2018 during lunch at room 52. With ASB, the tickets cost $20 at the flash sale. If a student does not have ASB, they will be paying a full price of $25 at the flash sale. To buy a ticket you must bring your student ID. Ms. Zamora said that the price for the tickets start at $20 since Leadership is trying to give all of the student body an opportunity to buy a ticket.

After the flash sale, the tickets will go on sale the following Monday for $30. Josselyn said the price for the tickets will increase each week for five dollars. If a student has ASB, they will get $5 off the highest ticket price. Josselyn said that the best time for a student to buy their ticket is at lunch or at the flash sale in room 52.

Ms. Zamora said that the last time homecoming was held at Lincoln around 1,000 students attended and this year she’s hoping to sell 1,000 tickets.

Ms. Zamora’s final thought at the end of the interview was that she “just hope[s] everybody has a great time.”

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