Pancake Breakfast: Food and Music at The Gym

At October 20, 2018 Lincoln Music Department organized the Pancake Breakfast to raise money for Lincoln Performing Arts

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Saturday, October 20 in this year from 7:30 am to 11:30 am the Lincoln High School had a Pancake Breakfast in the gym. They sold breakfasts, including pancakes, sausages, eggs, coffee, and orange juice. Parents volunteered to organize, decorate, and pass out the food. In the small gym there were long tables set up to eat, and it was decorated in blue and yellow, as well as there have been flowers.

At October 20, 2018 Lincoln Music Department organized the traditional Pancake Breakfast (Jennifer Schwarz/ Lion Tales)

There were a lot of Performing Arts performing, including bands, orchestras, choirs, and dance teams of Lincoln High School. They started of with the two Jazz Bands, followed by the Men’s Choir and Lincoln’s String Orchestra. Next the Women’s Choir, the Lincoln Camber Orchestra, the Choral Union, and the Intermezzo Orchestra performed.

They were followed by The Bellissima and the Mariachi, as well as Lincoln’s Lion Pride Band (known as “Pep Band”). Finally the Chamber Chorale, the Estetica, and the Xochitl Cultural, together with the LPC and Lincoln Convertibles ended the show.

The Jazz Band ll on stage at the Pancake Breakfast in the gym at October 20, 2018 (Jennifer Schwarz/Lion Tales)

The performances were really diverse as you can probably imagine. There were emotional songs played by the orchestras, but also Jazz music as Lincoln has two Jazz Bands. Even though there haven’t been any performances by individuals, the choirs and orchestras integrated some solos which was really impressive to everyone.

Everybody could come for free to listen to the music and see the performances. A person had only to pay if they wanted to eat. The Pancake Breakfast was a great event to not only raise money, but also display all of Lincoln Performing Arts.

At the Pancake Breakfast everyone could see what kind of performing arts we have at Lincoln and what they do. Also the breakfast showed everybody how involved and dedicated not only students, but also teachers and parents of Lincoln High School are.

The Pancake Breakfast was organized by the Lincoln Music Boosters and all the profit made will go to the Lincoln Music Department. The money will be used to by instruments and music for the students, and various other things for musician classes like orchestras and choirs. There are always things they need to buy and for that they can use all the money.

The gym prepared and decorated in blue and yellow for the Pancake Breakfast at October 20, 2018 (Jennifer Schwarz/ Lion Tales)

Lion Tales also talked to Ms. Katemopoulus, a choir teacher at Lincoln, whose Birthday was actually at the Pancake Breakfast. At some point all the people in the gym sang “Happy Birthday” to honor her for all the great work she does at Lincoln. Ms. K told Lion Tales that the Pancake Breakfast is a good and fun opportunity to raise money for Lincoln Performing Arts, which she really likes.

Also, everybody had a fun and relaxed social time where they could meet friends and listen to music.


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