DIY Costumes This Halloween At School


This 2018-2019 school year, students dressed up for Halloween at school. At school, one can notice the different types of costumes the students wore. Some costumes were cute and colorful while others were scary and spooky. Many costumes looked pricey, while others looked like a DIY.

Derrick Canion (on the right)and Lisette Romo (on the left) wearing a matching costume. They are killers from the movie “The Purge: Election Year”( Lincoln Lion Tales/ Nancy Quintana).

A Senior at Lincoln named Derrick Canion did a DIY costume. He spent $20 for his costume. Derrick  did some online shopping at Amazon and purchased a Purge themed mask for $15 and some fake blood for $5. He already had a white shirt and decided to apply some fake blood to it. He finished the costume off with some blue jeans and some white Nike Air Force 1’s. Derrick wore a matching outfit with his girlfriend Lisette Romo, a Junior, as some killers from the movie The Purge: Election Year”.

Emily Minjares dressed up as a clown. She spent $20 on this DIY costume (Lincoln Lion Tales/ Nancy Quintana).

Another student interviewed was a Sophomore at Lincoln named Emily Minjares who decided to wear a DIY costume. Emily spent a total of $20 on her costume. She dressed up as a clown. Emily owned khaki pants as well as a black crop top. She wore her own black belt and black flats. Emily purchased a hat for $20 and finished up her costume by applying some makeup on her face to seem like a clown.

Sarahy Briones dressed up as Mia Wallace from the movie “Pulp Fiction.” She spent $3 dollars on this costume (Lincoln Lion Tales/ Nancy Quintana)

A Sophomore at Lincoln named Sarahy Briones decide to dress up as Mia Wallace from the movie Pulp Fiction”. Sarahy spent $3 for her Halloween costume. She wore black pants and a black tank top that she owned. She borrowed a white dress shirt that her mom owns. She applied some blood that she purchased on her chest area which is supposed to seem like a stab.

Diego Sebastian Avila dressed up as Bob Ross. He decided to do a DIY costume and spent $20 (Lincoln Lion Tales/ Nancy Quintana).

A Sophomore named Diego Sebastian Avila decided to dress up as the famous painter Bob Ross. He purchased a wig from Spirit Halloween for $10 and a paint tray palette and paint brush for $10. He already owned a blue dress shirt as well as some blue jeans and decided to pair it together with a black belt he owned. Sebastian spent a total of $20 for his costume.