Little Bone Homecoming Court 2018

With Little Bone approaching you have Sophomore Homecoming Court and the excitement of Homecoming. Wondering how to become part of Little Bone Homecoming Court if you are a Sophomore? Lincoln Lion Tales interviewed Kelly Phillips who provided us with information about Little Bone Homecoming Court.


Mrs. Phillips stated that in order for a student to be part of Homecoming Court they are nominated by staff and then vetted by her. She believes that the focus is to represent students who have been recognized by staff who are doing right and their peers voting for them.


She also said that the meaning behind being part of the court is for a student to live by the Lincoln motto, Do Right. This would mean a student does right, they have good character, work hard, have good attendance, and are good students.


Mrs. Phillips mention that last year there were eight students for the court and there is only six this year. The Royal Lions are known as the top two or the winners.


The difference between the Sophomore and Senior Homecoming Court would be the grade level. Sophomore Homecoming Court is for Little Bone and Senior Homecoming Court is for Big Bone. The top two Royal Lions will be announced during half time at Little Bone and the court will be present.

Lincoln Lion Tales went to the nominees themselves to ask about their views on their nomination. Here were their responses:

How do you feel about being nominated into Little Bone royalty?

Andrea Torres nominated for Little Bone Royalty. (Andrea Torres/Lincoln Lion Tales)

“It’s so awesome to be nominated and picked by staff and to be royalty and its cool that my friends voted for me.” – Sydney Jackson

It feels great to be nominated! I was really happy to see my name on the ballot, And The whole experience of homecoming royalty has been amazing!” – Matthys Schouten

“I feel lucky.” – Cyrus Flores

“I’m really excited about it.” – Johanna Maceda-Perez

“It feels good.” – Andrea Torres


What does it mean to you?

Johanna Maceda-Perez nominated for Little Bone Royalty. (Nancy Quintana/Lincoln Lion Tales)

“It’s something I thought would never happen.” – Sydney Jackson

“I  feel like it just means I’ve been working really hard in school.”- Johanna Maceda-Perez

“It’s like you’re more into school spirit.”- Andrea Torres


How are you involved in the Lincoln community?

Cyrus Flores, a 10th grader, was chosen to be part of Little Bone Homecoming Court Royalty (via Infinite Campus)

“I’m on the JV volleyball team at Lincoln.” -Sydney Jackson

“I’m involved in the Lincoln community by Playing baseball, and football, while also performing in band! I took part in a club this year , and I love repping Lincoln as a huge part of my life!”Matthys Schouten

“I play football and I’m in track.” – Cyrus Flores

“Well, I dance here (member of the Convertibles).”- Johanna Maceda-Perez

“Well I’m in leadership so I help a lot.”- Andrea Torres


Was any effort put into your election?

Gabriella Slater, a 10th grader, was chosen to be part of Little Bone Homecoming Court Royalty (via Infinite Campus)

“I posted about it and my friends posted for me too.” – Sydney Jackson

Sydney Jackson nominated for Little Bone Royalty. (Ariana Noble, Lincoln Lion Tales)

“There was effort put in my election, including Myself going up to people,and putting myself out there. I took a lot of pride in getting elected!” – Matthys Schouten

“Yeah I asked people to vote for me.” – Cyrus Flores

Gabby Slater was not reachable in time of publication.

Matthys Schouten nominated for Little Bone Royalty. (Carla Schouten/Lincoln Lion Tales)