Girls Varsity Basketball Preview 2018-2019


Girls basketball team practicing on a Monday afternoon, December 3, 2018. (Lincoln Lion Tales/ Anjanai Vallez).

Nancy Robles and Anjanai Vallez

The leaves have fallen from trees. They winter sports have arrived. This means that the girls basketball season for 2018-2019 has started.

The girls varsity basketball coach is Keith Crowther who has been coaching since 1977 and arrived to Lincoln in 2003. He was interviewed and said that he believes Lincoln is going to have a very exciting and competitive team this year. He is looking forward to being successful this year. Mr. Crowther gets excited about basketball every year and loves basketball and coaching. He is excited about teaching the girls new things and seeing how they perform them. He recommends students to come out and support the team. So far the girls have played versus James Lick and won 47-46 as well as Live Oak and lost 46-41. The girls played versus San Jose High and won 51-40 as well as Piedmont Hills and lost 60-44. They played versus Oak Grove and lost 30-20.

Lincoln Lion Tales also interviewed a team captain, Asia Burns, and a team player named Alexis Smith.

Asia Burns. One of the team captain of the girls varsity basketball team posing (Lincoln Lion Tales/ Nancy Quintana Robles).

Asia is a Senior at Lincoln and has been playing basketball since 3rd grade. She has been playing for Lincoln for 3 years since Sophomore year for varsity and couldn’t play Freshman year due to an injury.

This season, Asia expects to give her all to the team and work hard. As a team captain her expectation is to lead her team to CCS and if not to be the best they can in their league. Her expectation as a team is also to play their very all every single game they compete in.

Asia thinks that in their previous games, personally, she’s been doing well but could be better. As a team, she said that so far they are doing pretty good and one person can’t hold the whole team up, you need multiple people. She is looking forward to CCS. Asia loves the sport but won’t be continuing in college since she wants to focus on her academics.

Alexis is also a Senior at Lincoln and has played basketball 3 years before high school and 3 years during high school. Her Freshman year she was on the JV team and her Sophomore and Senior year she played for varsity. She didn’t play Junior year due to a knee injury.

Alexis Smith. Player in the girls varsity basketball team posing (Lincoln Lion Tales/ Nancy Quintana Robles).


Her expectation as a team is for the girls to put in 110% heart into the game and have passion for the game. She believes that no one should be working less harder than someone else. Her expectation personally is to give it her all put it all on the floor because it is her last year playing and she wants to leave a difference this year.

These previous games, Alexis thinks that she hasn’t been doing so good offensively but defensively she knows that she plays hard and she takes pride in that. As a team she said that they are still trying to find their identity as a team, as their coach said. They want to find out how they click with each other because if they don’t then the play won’t run.

Alexis loves basketball and she’s grown around it from her dad and brothers. She was accustomed into it. She had to play basketball because she grew up with it and has learned a lot about discipline and responsibility.

She is looking forward to the league champs and is excited about playing with new girls she hasn’t been playing with and to play during the league.