Scooter Scandal: Is “Geo-Fencing” a Good Idea?


Scooters located at campus. The scooters were thrown on the ground in front of the small gym (Lincoln Lion Tales/ Sharilyn Munoz).

Noticed any scooters around campus and what problems are they causing? Ever seen scooters laying on the ground in front of Lincoln? Due to these scooters and how hazardous they are, those who use them will go through some slight changes when scooting to school. Lincoln Lion Tales interviewed Principal Matthew Hewitson and talked about the scooters on campus.

Mr. Hewitson stated that the main problem involves student’s safety. The scooters aren’t safe to those who ride them because they are pretty fast and can cause the riders to hurt themselves and the people around them. He also said that there has been a couple of close calls.

Lincoln has tried to solve this problem by sending a message to students by the announcements to tell students to not ride the scooters. If students are caught they will face consequences. The first offense is Saturday school and the second offense is a suspension.

Lincoln has also contacted the two main scooter companies, which are Lime and Bird. They are trying to create GeoFences (click here to find out what GeoFences are). These fences will prevent the scooters from working on school campus. These fences won’t allow scooters to be left on campus, or else the meter will be running on whose credit card is paying for it.

With these fences, if a students rides to school on one, they will have to park outside of school premises and walk towards campus.

Mr. Hewitson believes that GeoFencing seems like an easy idea to solve the problem because it will keep everyone safe. To him this means that no more Saturday schools will be given or suspensions. If GeoFencing works at Lincoln, the problem goes away which is safer and makes him happy.