OPINION: Are Vape Detectors Really Worth It?

On January 9, 2018, Lincoln administration and staff spoke about new policies and procedures at school. In this photo, Mr. Mora speaks about college. (Ernesto Garcia / Lincoln Lion Tales).

On Wednesday the 9th of January, Abraham Lincoln High School had an assembly for the students to update and inform them on some new rules and procedures at school. The classes were divided up by grade so they could talk about certain things regarding each class.

The Seniors basically had a talk about the credits and how everything is due on May 1st them in order for them to graduate. Another topic was how to complete FAFSA for collegeThe Juniors were told to prepare for SAT’s and how to stay on track for graduation. They also had a talk about looking for guidance from the counselors so they don’t stay behind. The Sophomores had a talk about also staying on track and keeping their grades up so they don’t have to do credit recovery. The Freshman were told how to stay on track so they don’t end up doing credit recovery as well.

In all four assemblies, they brought up the fact that students are more frequently using the bathroom to smoke e-cigarettes. As a result, now, in bathrooms at school, the administration said that they will be monitoring student behavior by installing “vape detectors.”

In my opinion, this whole thing is kind of pointless because they’re spending so much on the detectors, but can’t get enough for newer books, or updated technology, or even toilet paper for the females restrooms. The girls restrooms have a pad and tampon dispenser that has been empty from the first time it was placed in there. Why can’t they find money to fill it up consistently when it is needed?

Aracely Garcia, a senior, has a very direct opinion about the assembly. “It’s stupid. Every time I go to the bathroom, the [feminine product] dispenser is empty and broken. Why have cameras when you can’t even get the actual necessities? Stupid.”

Ignacio Rosales, a senior, this was his opinion about the assembly as well. “It’s waste of money and it’s just pointless because people still going to do it out of the bathroom or anywhere, So why need this?”

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