SAT Approaching!


Our final SAT offered at Lincoln for the 2018-2019 school year is happening on Wednesday! Seniors will report to the main gym at 9am for their senior activities, juniors will talk with their US history teachers about the location of their testing room. If students have a PE class as their 1st period, they will be testing in the small gym. Freshman and sophomores will also be taking the PSAT in their first period classroom. Lincoln plus students will be testing with Jen Long in the Lincoln Plus portable. If any student shows up late, they will immediately go to P114.

We will have a special bell schedule on Wednesday, with school ending at 12:50pm and brunch being from 9:20-9:30am.

Here are 7 tips on how to ensure your mental stability before the test:

  1. SLEEP! Train your body to sleep for 8-9 hours a week before the test. This also means putting aside your social commitments and other schoolwork to ensure yourself enough sleep before the test.
  2. Choose your review wisely! Don’t try to cram the night before, only review the subjects you struggle with, there’s no need to waste your time going over something you already know how to do.
  3. Practice. Take practice tests under realistic conditions and time yourself wisely. Also, take notes on  the questions you struggled with, you can practice those later.
  4. Don’t spend hours studying a night, you WILL lose focus. Spend 90 minutes a night, and split it up into 30 minute intervals.
  5. Get some exercise! Go for a short walk, this will get some oxygen flowing into the brain which helps you relax.
  6. Eat well! The week before you should be eating a full, healthy breakfast. Eat a lot of protein and drink plenty of water.
  7. Treat yourself. This week is going to be stressful, give yourself some time to watch your favorite show or go out to get some ice cream, you deserve it.