SING! Recap


Lincoln singers performing for SING! (Jeffrey Nisihura for Lion Tales)

On March 1st and 2nd, the choir department performed pop filled concerts, covering songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and Eleanor Rigby. The seats in the media center were full with supporting family and friends. Lion Tales talked to some of the singers about their experience in SING!, many described SING! as “fun” and “exciting”. Abigail Bautista, a junior alto(the lowest female voice in the choir), was visibly excited to talk about choir stating she enjoys “everything” about performing and “loves the environment” of it all . Bautista also said it took about three months to prepare for SING!. Melissa Nelson, a sophmore in Chamber Chorale, liked SING! because it was an opportunity to meet new people and enjoyed performing the pop songs. Nelson has “always had a passion for singing” which attracted her towards choir. Sebastian Avila, a sophomore in Men’s Choir, was also eager to talk about choir. Avila said performing was nerve-wracking yet exciting and fun. Avila has been involved in choir since freshman year and says his favorite parts about it are “The people in choir, the songs and Ms.K. She’s an amazing person and even better teacher”.