Lincoln Participates in Bay Area School Walkout

Fear has no place in our schools.


Bay Area School School Walkout on March 14,2019

On March 14 2019, Lincoln high school had a walk out from 10-10:17am. The event last 17 minutes for the 17 lives lost in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018. Lincoln and other schools  in the Bay Area walked out again to prove to our representatives that fear has no place in our schools.

The event was held by March For Our Lives San Jose. March For Our Lives San José is a student-led, grassroots organization demanding action against gun violence. In their second year, they continuing to demand change so that no person in this country has to fear for their lives in public spaces.

Here at Lincoln, students like Isabel Frias said “I didn’t even know about what was on ” and that “the school did a bad job of advertising the event.”

Lincoln, as a school,  did not, and cannot advertise or promote walk-outs or student protests. The event was actually student organized by Chris Raymon. Chris said he “was recruited by [his] friends to help out March for Our Lives to help plan the walk out at our school.”

In planning the event, Chris said they “had Skype meetings where we wrote speeches and planned how to propose the idea to the administration. From there I designed a flyer and started sharing the word on social media.”

At the event, students did not participate. People looked confused and unaware of the event and its purpose. Chris and his friends put up fliers two days before the event took place.

In the future, it seems, if student organizers want more students to be involved, they should utilize more than a flyer to promote their events.

Bay Area School School Walkout on March 14,2019. This image was part of the flyer posted two days before the event was scheduled to occur. (Cbris Raymon / for Lincoln Lion Tales)


If you are interested in the March For Our Lives San Jose movement wand would like to participate next time, there is a Rally For Change on March 30th 2019  at Arena Green East 340 W. St. John St., San Jose, CA 95110  at 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM